Chantal, Product Manager - Tours, Encounter Travel
Chantal, Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Chantal has been in the travel industry since she left school.  She has a passion for travel and found it at an early age.  After working in corporate, inbound and group travel, Chantal joined Encounter Travel in 2012 as a travel consultant after a short career break, having two children. As a Travel Consultant, she has spoken with many of our solo travellers over the years.  She started assisting with groups in the early days as well as consulting, then moved into a groups development and operations role.  

In 2014, Chantal took maternity leave to have her third child and came back to us after six months.   Having a proven track record of passion and professional, in 2016 Chantal was given the role of Product Manager and now liaises with all operators, she comes up with new and exciting itinerary ideas and ensures the smooth running of tours.

Chantal is a busy mum with three kids and a husband at home.  She enjoys a work / life balance and loves the city life that Sydney offers.  She loves to travel with her family and hopes that she can pass on her passion for travel to her three girls.

Role at Encounter Travel: Product Manager - Tours

Favourite Country:  Canada
Favourite City: Sydney
Favourite Encounter holiday: African Safari
Year started in Travel Industry:  1997 
Started at Encounter Travel: October 2012 

My Top Travel Tip: Always leave a copy of your itinerary and hotel list of where you're staying with a family member or friend.

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