Mel, Travel Team
Mel, Travel Consultant

Favourite Country:  Croatia
Favourite City: Hong Kong
Favourite Encounter holiday: Gems of China with Yangtze River Cruise

Year started in Travel Industry: 2000
Started at Encounter Travel: May 2016

My Top Travel Tip: It’s all about the locals - start conversations and make it a point to get to know the locals. Learn from those who live in the country you are visiting. People enrich your travels as much as the sights do!

Travel has always played a huge part in Melinda's life, in her early years travelling to Europe on family holidays, to the annual ski trip to the Snowy Mountains.

After completing work experience with a travel wholesaler she knew her career would have to be travel related. So, on completion of her final school exams, she attended Business College and completed her Travel and Tourism Diploma.

Twenty years on, Melinda has an extensive list of countries under her belt, including Germany, Holland, Hungary and Croatia and many countries within Asia and the South Pacific. There will always be new and exciting destinations added to her bucket list, and with three children and a dalmatian who thinks she is part of the family, travelling locally and to dog friendly spots has become a priority in most recent years.

Mel leads an active life and loves taking hikes and mountain bike riding and one of her favourite one day hikes, is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the North Island New Zealand.

Melinda is part of our travel team and has extensive knowledge not just with travel and destinations but also when it comes to all things Encounter Travel related. Her knowledge with insurance, visas, packing for our walking trips, cruising queries and her attention to detail means she’s got the all-round experience to help solo traveller queries of all kinds.