Sachiko, Travel Consultant

Sachiko has been in the travel industry for over twelve years, mainly in corporate travel servicing travel needs of multi national companies. She loves the challenges, variety and the teamwork that a travel consultant role brings on a daily basis.

Sachiko’s travel focus is Asia, including Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Japan. But also cruising the South Pacific to New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and travelling to the USA.

At home, she is busy looking after her adorable yet very cheeky twin sons who give her a run around most of the time. Although moving with her family at a young age from Japan to Australia, she loves taking her family to Japan, visiting her extended family and getting to know more of her native country. 

Role at Encounter Travel: Travel Consultant

Favourite Country:  India
Favourite City: New York City
Favourite Encounter holiday: Vietnam
Year started in Travel Industry:  2003
Started at Encounter Travel: 2014

My Top Travel Tip: Pack light and bring clothes that can be layered for all seasons