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Kangaroo Island Walk
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  • 'This is my first Solo holiday. The Kangaroo Island hike was great, the people were very friendly and the guides were wonderful. There is so much to see on KI. Accommodation and food were excellent, and would definitely book another hiking holiday'.

    Michelle, 49 years, Brisbane, QLD
  • 'I found kangaroo island, a perfect amount of challenge for me. Enough variety in "degree of difficulty" to feel great that I kept up and enjoyed the walk and the scenery. Loved the seals and the Remarkable Rocks.'

    Vivienne, Sydney, NSW
  • 'The Kangaroo Island walk was a great way to experience the wildlife and wilderness areas of the island. Good food, great walks and fun company!'

    Trish, 62 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'I recently completed the Kangaroo Island walk. The weather was challenging at times but the guides were supportive and made sure everyone was able to complete the walk in their own time. A very enjoyable 5 days.'

    Marilyn, 74 yrs, Brisbane
  • 'Kangaroo Island was THE GREAT ESCAPE from the rat race. Staying up at the lighthouse in heritage listed houses was a step back in time. No internet, phones, tv, wifi ... just  sitting and conversing with like minded people was quite refreshing;  connecting with each other one on one with no interruptions of any kind.  The island is absolutely beautiful with the most gorgeous sunsets that photos do not do justice have to be there to experience them in all their glory.  It was great to connect with nature on such an intimate level. '

    Sally, 53, Wollongong, NSW
  • 'The 4-day walking holiday to Kangaroo Island operated by Park Trek is excellent value for money, and a wonderful opportunity to 'get away from it all' and mix with a great bunch of like-minded mature solo travellers.'

    Dianne, 67 years, Adelaide, SA
  • 'Great trip with excellent company.'

    Nerida, 52 years, NSW
  • 'I had an amazing time, my group were all great to get along with, and our guides just couldn't do enough for us, great trip, thank you.'

    George, 54 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'Great walks and great guides.'

    Denise, 65 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'My first walking holiday and I loved it. The occasional challenge throughout the daily treks but nothing which could not be handled. The tour guides excelled in the quality of service and care delivered. A wonderful experience.'

    Maree, 62 years, QLD