For the convenience and comfort on our tours we ask that you rotate seats while travelling.  In this way, all tour members can have the opportunity to view scenery from different vantage points. 

Please note: if you do suffer from motion sickness, please be sure to take medication or remedies to relieve the symptoms.  In fairness to all passengers, we cannot allocate the front seat exclusively to passengers who suffer from motion sickness.


Our holidays appeal to friendly travellers. Of course, you wouldn't expect it otherwise. 

To keep our expectations transparent, we have a Code of Conduct that all passengers agree to when they book, and join our holidays. Any behaviour contrary to our Code of Conduct can lead to verbal warnings, and if the behavior outside of our Code of Conduct is not curtailed, written warnings. If these warnings to not result in the behaviour outside of our  Code of Conduct ceasing, ultimately this traveller may have their holiday with us cancelled and would be required to leave the group (at their own expense).