Customs Info

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Free import of:
1. max. 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 grams of tobacco.
2. max. 1,5 liters of alcoholic beverages exceeding 12% alcohol by volume;
3a. Residents: articles brought from overseas:
- residents: max. value of CNY 5,000.-.
- non-residents: max. value of CNY 2,000.- for articles remaining in China (People's Rep.). 

Prohibited: fruits.

Arms and Ammunition regulations:
Import, export and transit is allowed, if prior authorization is obtained from competent department. Arms and ammunition must be declared at all times. If prior authorization is not obtained, import of arms and ammunition is prohibited.
Additional Information on regulations:
Antiques should be declared on arrival.

Local currency (Chinese Ren Min Bi-CNY): max. CNY 20,000.- in cash.
Foreign currencies: Amounts exceeding USD 5,000.- in cash must be declared.

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