What to Pack

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You need to bring clothing for the duration of the trip, as well as a pair of comfortable walking shoes, toiletries and any personal medication. 

The most important item for you to have with you is a reliable pair of walking boots/shoes. Runners and flat-soled shoes will not suffice except as something you can wear after the day’s activity. 

Weather can be variable so proper rain gear is very important as appropriate clothing layers. 


For Your Day Pack 
As a walker you will need to have your own day pack and water bladder and suitable footwear for hiking. Here is a suggested list of what walkers will need to be wearing and to have in their day pack:

  • Rain lightweight jacket
  • water bottle or drinking bladder, min 1.5 litre
  • high factor sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • sun hat (wide brimmed)
  • blister pads and / or tape for rubbing and/or blisters
  • antiseptic hand gel
  • walking poles (optional) these help address issues of stability
  • camera
  • mobile phone – preferably a Telstra provider (or purchase a Telstra SIM)

For Your Main Luggage Bag 
Packing list and clothing suggestions for your main bag. 

Your main bag is transported for you, you only carry your light day pack while walking. It would be most helpful if you could bring along a soft bag rather than hard suitcase to help guides pack the trailer.

  • comfortable thick soled walking shoes with good grip and ankle support
  • long and/or short pants. Preferably loose fitting, lightweight and quick drying
  • long and/or short sleeved shirts
  • lightweight jacket – in case of cooler weather
  • rain jacket/ spray jacket - preferably one with a zipper up the middle and one that is long enough to cover the upper thigh region
  • walking socks, preferably woollen. Cotton is not ideal as it is does not reduce friction
  • comfortable attire for evening and non walking times. We are only eating out in casual dining surrounds so you do not need to be dressed in formal attire.
  • Casual shoes for wearing in the evenings
  • beach towel
  • swimwear (for summertime walking)
  • Personal effects such as medication and toiletries
  • Your place of accommodation provides a bathroom towel

** Do NOT bring jeans to walk in **