Personal Expenses

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In addition to your tour inclusions you will have some personal expenses including meals, snacks (like delicious gelato) and drinks not included with the tour package. Also consider souvenirs and miscellaneous expenses such as laundry. 

When setting a budget for personal expenses consider what meals are included and not included. This itinerary has a breakfast each day and includes up to ten other meals (lunches or dinners). Therefore on some days, lunch and/or dinner would be an additional expense.

Overall we recommend around AUD50-75 per day for personal expenses not included with the tour package.  The final amount of personal expenses will mostly be influenced by your budget for meals not included. You should increase this budget if you like to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

For anyone that enjoys some shopping there will be opportunities to purchase local items and these costs could be a small amount to a lot, all depending on personal preferences for travel shopping. This is a private group tour with a coach driver and English speaking, locally based tour director.