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A Warm & Fuzzy Travel Poem To Feed The Soul

This is hands down, a standout memory for our solo travellers that just came back from their African Safari. How often does a tour guide capture your treasured travel memories with poem about your journey? Read Full Article

ALASKA: Cruising the Inside Passage - 10 Insights For A Big Ship Cruise

Looking to cruise the Inside Passage and make discoveries along the Alaskan Pacific Coast, picking the type of cruise experience needs to match your travel style. The first place to start is to decide on your vessel; is it a big ship cruise liner or a small ship adventure? Once you’ve narrowed down some options; and price may have a lot to do with it (with many of the small ship adventures coming in with a hefty price tag), then deciding if you want a one way or return journey of the Inside Passage is next. If you’ve settled on the big ship cruise experience, the journeys begin from Vancouver, Canada or Seattle, U.S.A and then some from San Francisco (or for a one way journey there’s also the cruise in the opposite direction). So, what’s the difference with one way versus a return cruise? It’s the distance covered; the one way trip makes it to Seward or Whittier, Alaska whereas a return trip can’t cover as much ground; the last port of call is Skagway, Alaska, and they don’t include Hubbard Glacier. My experience was cruising on Radiance of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship, and it was the one way journey Vancouver to Seward. Read Full Article

SCANDINAVIA: 7 Surprises Waiting To Impress

Planning a visit to Scandinavia in summer for your first time and you probably conjure up images of dramatic green landscapes, endless days of daylights with pretty flowers in boom. But when you travel around Scandinavia it’s not long before you realise there’s a whole lot more waiting to surprise you. There was so much I loved about touring Scandinavia. It wasn’t my first time in this part of the world but it was my first time getting as far north as the Arctic Circle and getting to know Finland. My seven surprises include the Sami culture, reindeers, food, architecture, the husky dogs, the land of the midnight sun, and the ferries. Read Full Article

DUNEDIN: Solos Escaping to Shore, Handy Tips & Hints

The question of whether to book a shore excursion via the ship’s Shore Excursions desk or make your own plans is a hot topic among cruise forums and passengers. Travelling solo, and you may be keen to have plans locked in, and know that you’re joining a group of like-minded cruise goers. However, in Dunedin it was super cruisy (excuse the pun) making your own plans, once getting off the ship. Read Full Article

VOOM: 7 Top Tips For The Fastest Internet At Sea

Cruising solo and staying connected to life on land just got a whole lot easier. When you’re at sea and cruising alone, keeping in touch with family and folk on land could be high on your cruise ‘must-haves’ list. As I take care of solos cruising, I’d be waiting for the first chance to ‘sea test’ Royal Caribbean’s claim of ‘the fastest internet at sea’. Now, just back from our solos New Year’s Eve cruise group on Ovation of the Seas (Sydney to New Zealand), and I’ve got the low-down. Not cruising solo? Don’t stop here; these 7 tips are for anyone cruising Royal Caribbean. Not so long ago, the internet ‘experience’ at sea was slow and expensive. Royal Caribbean’s ‘VOOM’ changes all that. Read Full Article


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