Whether you’re a seasoned independent traveller, you’ve always wanted to try going alone, or you just can't find a travel partner, there’s a lot to love about solo cruising:

  • You don’t have to rely on anyone else
  • You can enjoy your ‘me’ time
  • You get to choose your own pace
  • And most of all, you can do whatever you want — whenever you want!

But for all the great things about cruising solo… there are some downfalls that seem unavoidable.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“I enjoy solo cruises, but having a drink at the bar or dancing is no fun by yourself.”

“The singles supplement is so expensive! But I just can’t find any friends who like travelling the same way I do.”

“It’s great having freedom to cruise solo… but then I get to dinner and I’m embarrassed to sit alone.” 

"I hate having to answer everyone's questions about why I'm travelling alone. I can tell they think I'm weird.'"

If so, you’re not alone. And what's more, until now, your options for travelling solo have been pretty limited.

But at Encounter Travel, we live for the solo travel experience. And we believe singles cruising should be just as much fun, if not better, than travelling with friends or family.

Cruise Solo, Not Alone

Cruise Circle for Solos is that latest concept for cruising solo: cruise groups for solo travellers who want to enjoy the benefits of solo cruising without the drawbacks of travelling alone. 

The idea is simple: we’ve partnered with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to create special exclusive travel groups — just for solo travellers like you to join. 

That means you can enjoy the luxury of a beautiful cruise vacation — without the usual problems of a solo trip, like being stuck alone when you are yearning for some company , or having nobody to split the room fees with. In short, it’s the best of both worlds!

And with a wide range of destinations including the South Pacific, New Zealand, Transpacific, around Australia, and more to come, Cruise Circle for Solos is the first offering on this scale in Australia’s history — and we’re incredibly excited about it.

Why Book With Cruise Circle For Solos?
Cruise Circle for Solos was designed with the independent solo traveller like you in mind. So when you book, you’ll get stuff that actually matters to you, like being able to:

  • Dine the way you want, every night. Every single night, there’s a table set just for your group, ready for you to join. Feeling social? Enjoy a meal with the group. Want some time to yourself? Dine solo tonight. You have complete freedom to choose how you want to dine — whether secluded or social.

  • Travel with friends, not strangers. Before every cruise, we’ll give you the chance to get in touch with the other solo travellers who are going to be cruising with you — so you can make friends before you even set foot on the ship or ‘set foot onboard’ together. So if you’re nervous about travelling with a stranger, don’t be — because you’ll be friends before you even get on the ship!

  • Enjoy pre-arranged drink meeting times. Before you travel, we’ll give the whole group some pre-arranged meeting times and venues — so you’ll know where to go if you want to catch a drink with some friends. No more drinking alone on solo cruises!

  • Save money by sharing a room. One of the worst things about solo cruising is that you’re forced to pay the single supplement fee — just because you have no travel partner. Of course, if you want to book out your own room, that’s fine — but if you don't mind sharing, we’ll match you with a same-gender buddy, and you’ll both save. It’s completely up to you.

  • We take the risk, so you don’t have to. If you tried to find a cruise partner on your own, and they cancelled on you, you’d be on the hook for all those hefty cancellation fees — and maybe even losing your booking! But with Cruise Circle for Solos, we offer financial protection on your booking — so you don't lose out if your cabin mate cancels.
The ‘Not-So-Fine’ Print

We truly believe this is going to be an AWESOME opportunity for singles cruising. But before you rush to book, there are a few things we do want you to know: 

  • This is an unescorted cruise! We’ll provide the bookings, the meal reservations, the bar times, and the friends — but the rest is up to you. Yes, we know this freedom is exactly why you want to do this. But we’ve got to be clear!

  • Specialty restaurants are not included. We want you to be able to choose whether you want to dine at specialty restaurants — so with Cruise Circle for Solos, you're not charged upfront. You’re always free to choose to book yourself — or even go with others you meet in the group!

  • No inside rooms for room sharers. As experienced cruisers know, if you’re in an inside cabin, there’s two light settings: on, and pitch dark! And even if you and your roommate are the best of friends, a night owl and a sleepyhead might not get along well at 5am when the light suddenly starts blazing overhead… so to keep the peace, we keep shared rooms to outside cabins.

  • Help your roommate sleep! We want to make sure that when you cruise, you get a great night’s sleep — so when you book, we ask for honesty about your sleep habits: snoring, CPAP machines for sleep apnoea, insomnia, or other things that might disturb a roommate. If everyone’s honest, we can make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

  • We’re keeping it friendly. We know some people hear ‘singles cruising’ and think ‘dating’… but that’s not what we’re about. If you share, you’ll be partnered with a same-gender roommate, for obvious reasons. That’s not to say you won’t meet your match on board… but if that’s your main goal, Cruise Circle for Solos probably isn’t the right place to find it!