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A big one this year!  It’s our 15th Birthday.  We’ve grown a lot since those humble days of announcing our first trip to Daydream Island in The Whitsundays, but the recipe is still the same; one cup of my heart and one cup of my soul into every new itinerary created exclusively for solo travellers; it always was and still is, 100% Solo.

Our furry feline companion may not make it so obvious they miss us when we go away. But they do, and they have their own unique ways to show us.

Experience some of the best glamping in Australia, visiting the stunning shores of the Bay of Fires with glamping in Tasmania, or the contrast of an outback Queensland glamping spot. From our far north to our far south, two highlight camping experiences that take sleeping under the stars to a whole new level. 

Long periods of confinement and social isolation sure bring the allure of travel front of mind. What drives one person to travel may be very different to another, but I feel sure most of us will connect with at least a few of these motivators.

Whether you’re 28 or 58 or any adult age for that matter, single and feeling the constraints of routine, could a holiday fling be just what you need?

Our birthday is 24 August and this year 2020 marks our 14th birthday.  In our fourteen years, every year has brought something new.  As more years pass the early days become a distant memory.  I thought that for our birthday this year it would be a good time to remember where it all began. 

Spices remind me of my travels and my travels have introduced me to new spices, or new ways to use them, and bringing these discoveries home are part of my travel memories.

Every day our effervescent travel industry is losing its fizz and with the JobKeeper extension announcement I lost some more (of my fizz).  COVID chaos reigns and I didn’t pop open the bubbly when I heard the extension announcement….more like reaching for the Berocca to get back my bounce. Living through the impact of ...

The things to do on Kangaroo Island reach far and wide across this big island sitting off our southern shores. Do yourself a favour and stay.  A day tour can never do this island justice and you’ll be missing so much of what she has on offer.

A starter’s list of nine of the best train journeys in Australia. From east to west, north to south, these are just of the amazing rail journeys across Australia.

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