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Essentials touring; we select itineraries that showcase the destination while keeping a mindful eye on the budget - but you're not scrimping.  You'll have it all sorted, and all that you need; your tour manager, travel buddies, accommodation, and the touring arrangements. 

The Accommodation
Providing the essentials without the frills, the accommodation as a minimum is clean and simple. Where a destination has a range of accommodation choices we focus on a modest budget. The range of accommodation can be quite varied; from camping to hostels and simple lodgings, and for some tours up to 4 star hotels. Some trips may have multi share dormitory rooms or choices between multi share, twin share or taking your own room. There also may be home stays with local families.

The Extras
Some itineraries have limited inclusions - you have the freedom to choose where to spend your money on the extras along the way, from where to dine, to the activities you want to add. There will be other itineraries where more is included. Each tour will highlight what’s included, so you know from the ‘get go’ what you’re paying for and what you’re not.


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Happy Birthday.

We celebrated 17 years recently. Since 2006, leading the way for solo travellers.