Cathy, Travel Consultant, Encounter Travel
Cathy in Rome

Cathy has the honour of being our longest serving travel consultant and member of Encounter Travel. Before starting with Encounter Travel, Cathy had an incredible 27 years in the high flying world of corporate travel.  Airfares are her passion, and watching her work sourcing the best airfares and routes is awe inspiring!

She’s got the knack for understanding solo travellers and what’s important to them and the support they need to fulfil their travel dreams.

Taking care two young sons and a puppy and a busy work life, she balances her home and work life with gusto.

Skiing is her go-to active holiday pastime skiing many resorts in the French and Austrian Alps , Canada, USA and NZ already marked off the list with Italy and Japan on her hit list next. But her favourite country is Africa for its abundance of wildlife experienced on land and little known water safaris.

Role at Encounter Travel: Travel Consultant, Airfares Specialist

Favourite Country:  Africa
Favourite City: Barcelona
Favourite Encounter holiday: African Safari

Year started in Travel Industry:  1990
Started at Encounter Travel:  February 2012

My Top Travel Tip: 'Always purchase Travel Insurance

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