Forewarned is forearmed – that's the thrust of this handy book outlining the highs, the lows, the etiquette and the essentials of travelling solo. Designed specifically for people taking tours on their own………healthy dollops of inspiration and encouragement are dished out…

Julietta Jameson, Journalist 'Traveller' Sydney Morning Herald

The Book For Solo Travellers

Do you yearn to travel – to see Roman ruins, shop in Paris, discover China's ancient past or sip cocktails on the beach in Fiji? But are you missing out just because you don't have a travel buddy?

The Solo Traveller's Compass reveals a solo traveller's options to share in the fun of group travel experiences. Whether something is holding you back or you'd like to discover some new insights, this book will arm you with the know-how and confidence you need to embark on a solo adventure.

Jam-packed with practical tips and advice, you'll find out how to get started, plan and prepare for your travels and, of course, have the best holiday ever!

Read this book and your travels have just begun!

Visit the author website to read more and buy the book www.justinewaddington.com

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