Corona Virus Statement

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce disrupted and cancelled plans for many of our travellers due to the unforeseeable events relating to COVID-19.   
We continue to act upon the official advice of the Australian Government;  and not upon speculative media reports.  We update our advice for each planned holiday departure date, as and when, any new government information is advised.  Please keep in mind that any response made by us, will be well considered and we will report if there is a change to our Government status in regards to the Corona Virus. Given our need to liaise on many different destinations and departure dates; some of which are not departing for quite some time there may be some delays in our advices for tours not departing until later this year.

Travellers that have already had their travel plans affected have been notified of these circumstances and details around their booking. We appreciate that some travellers, depending on their situation and destination of travel will have serious concerns around how the Coronavirus may impact their travel plans. Due to the enormity of this unprecedented global event and demands on the entire travel industry we must prioritise our actions in order of departure date.

From September 2020 onwards
We expect international touring for the most, if not the remainder of 2020 to be impacted.  The status can change without notice and therefore we are unable to make any statement that will cover all scenarios. As the final monies due date for each holiday approaches, we will be in touch with travellers booked for the trip.

Our Response Time
Unfortunately so long as our international and some state borders remain closed it’s not business as usual for us. The impact of lost business means that we have less than our regular team resources to meet the demands of the workload created from this unprecedented event of COVID-19 across the entire global travel industry (and other industries). Unfortunately, it is taking the toll on our ability to reply in regular time frames, and it’s definitely not the way we are used to or like to provide our service but it’s unavoidable. We ask that you allow us time to process each of our trip cancellations in order of departure. At the time we are in position to take action and inform you of your status or updates for your trip, we will be in touch. 

These are not normal times.  COVID-19 (and the associated government travel restrictions) is an extraordinary and unexpected event outside of everyone’s control (and considered to be an event of force majeure under our booking conditions). 

All international departures until the end of October 2020 are cancelled, and all domestic departures until end of August 2020 are cancelled. Rescheduled departures are available or being planned.

Issue date: 30 July 2020


Please refer to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) for government advice on your consumer rights.


Please monitor the official government site www.smartraveller.gov.au 


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