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We’re chuffed when you return to travel with us again. We reckon, it’s a sure sign we’re doing it right.
SAVE $100 on your next international tour


The Encounter Return Traveller Reward applies to anyone that that has previously travelled with us on at least one international tour, and books their next international tour* with us (exclusions apply, see below).

* As an Australian tour company, ‘international tour’ means outside Australia

At the time you book, if you’ve already taken an international tour with us, we include the Encounter Return Traveller Saving on your booking quote.

But, just in case we miss adding it on please jump on the phone or email us to let us know. We check our records but with emails changing, name changes or us just being human and missing it, sometimes we need that nudge.

Holidays deemed tours in Australia, cruises, resort packages, and any extension tours (to the main tour), do not qualify as an international tour. Price of the tour must be over $3,000 per person to qualify for the saving.

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