Travel Fitness



We keep it simple with scale between 1-5 to grade trips based on the physical demands and pace.

1  - the most leisurely like a relaxing cruise,
5  - the most physically demanding like a challenging walk or hike.

The physical demands vary from trip to trip. 

FROM 1 TO 5 

Easiest Pace (1)
A leisurely pace, like a cruise or resort package with plenty of free time.

Easy Going (2)
A moderate pace that suits average fitness and above.

Moderate (3)
A moderate to faster pace is set with some days faster paced, with some longer touring days

Fast (4)
A fast past or active trip such as a walking or hiking tour that requires above average fitness to offer best change of enjoying your travels.

Challenging (5)
Set at a fast pace such as a more challenging hiking trip. Joining this trips requires above average fitness and fitness preparation in the months leading up to it.



These guidelines are for Discovery Tours, and our Combination Tour & Cruise packages.

We require that all our passengers are independent, with reasonable fitness and mobility. Our general ‘Discovery’ tours involve a reasonable amount of walking and are not suitable if you have mobility limitations. This also applies to the touring part of our 'Combo' packages.

As a minimum you must be able to: 

  • Walk at least 1.5 kilometres at a reasonable pace without stopping/breaking along the way, without an aid or assistance
  • Participate in walking tours that include standing for long periods of time
  • Climb a few flights of stairs with ease
  • Carry your own luggage (up 23kg) and hand luggage without assistance (up to 7kg)

These minimums are a guide. In some cases, the fitness requirements may be more than these minimums stated above.


To join our active ‘Get Going’ tours, we require that all our passengers are independent, with good fitness and mobility.

  • Walk up to 15km at a reasonable pace on any given day (breaks included along the way) Have the endurance to walk for a number of consecutive days e.g 3 days or more
  • Climb stairs and ascend hills, including on uneven surfaces, with ease
  • Carry your own backpack (up to 7kg) for duration of walking distances
  • Carry your own luggage (up 23kg) and hand luggage without assistance (up to 7kg)
  • There is a Self Complete Fit To Travel form to be completed for all travellers joining us, on any of our tours, resort trips or cruises.


No matter which of our tours you select, there are always parts of the trip that require activity.

You can expect our itineraries include sightseeing tours on foot and often longer periods of time standing. As a general guide, our tours cater for travellers who are reasonably fit. They are not just tours 'looking out from a coach window'. You'll be out and about with your guide, walking around and taking a day pack with you or an easy to manage travel shoulder bag.

If you are not accustomed to daily walking we encourage you to increase your physical activity in the months leading up to the tour to ensure you can get the most out of your touring experience.

Although most of our trips include a porter service, there are some that do not. And in any case you must be able to manage your own luggage at arrival and departure points for the tour, such as your airport arrival and departure.