Hone in on your travel zone. We’ve got the top spots for all single travellers. From our own backyard – then, far and wide. Including trips across Europe, Asia, The Americas from the north to the south, and discoveries across the African continent and Middle East highlights.

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It's all new and it's amazing

The best of both worlds. Join our boutique small group solos only tour with a maximum of 16 travellers. Experience mainland Greece, and opt to add on Greek Island touring including Crete, Santorini and Paros.


Best of Sri Lanka

Read our 'Best of Sri Lanka'. An island country, jam-packed with impressive discoveries waiting to be uncovered. Rich in culture, ancient history, white sandy beaches, lush leafy tea plantations, and an amazing elephant population. NOW'S the time to visit Sri Lanka.

Is Solo Travel Safe

One of the big road blocks to taking off on solo travels is safety. If you don’t feel safe travelling solo, then you’re probably not likely to ‘go it alone’. So, how can you know if your destination is safe, or can you ever really know?

Christmas & New Year in Europe

Enjoy Christmas and New Year's Eve on this small group tour, solos only of Germany, Austria and Czech Republic

Lunch anyone? Solo Traveller Events

In Solo Style, join us for a lunch or a dinner for solo travellers. We start with drinks, followed by the meal. Next event coming up is in Sydney.

BLOG POST: 14 Simple Cruising Tips with RCL

Like a short cut to some answers to your questions about cruising with Royal Caribbean?


Solos 40 years+

Travel solo, not alone when you join one of our small group tours created with solo travellers 40 & over in mind.  Share your journey, without the drawbacks of big coach tours or the solitude of being alone. 

Under 39's

Announced in 2019 with more soon for 2020, small groups for ages 21 to 39's. Trips are packed with all the essentials.  It's is for everyone 21 to 39. Solo, with a buddy or joining as a couple - it is for travellers looking to explore with their age group 21 to 39.

Australian Owned

100% Australian; we 'get' the Australian travel style. And, better still, our arms are open to welcome our friends from other countries around the world, who'd like to travel with friendly Aussies.

Since 2006

We've already racked up 13 years of experience creating and delivering the best ever holidays for solo travellers. As a boutique tour operator, we delight in detail, delivering personal service and finding your next best memory.


Our Solos Only trips are age-matched - it's more likely you will travel with other like-minded single
travellers. Popular age groups include 40 to 59 years and 45 years & over.

Solos Only or Solos Mix?

Take your pick! Join our 'Solos Only' groups, exclusively for solos travellers. Or, join 'Solos Mix' - tours we've hand picked, popular with solos but mixing it up couples also.