About Solo Traveller Saving
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Here’s an example of the multiple savings that are possible with our tours when you’re a return traveller*.

Book Early – SAVE $$$
Encounter Return Traveller Reward – SAVE $100
Tour Operator Return Traveller Savings – SAVE $100+
Our Solo Traveller Saving (STS) on SOLOS MIX – Save $75 


Save with our $100 return traveller saving, plus any return saving if you’ve travelled with the tour operator already e.g another $100 – that’s a double whammy!

Here’s One Happy Saving Scenario
You book one of our Solos Mix tours that’s got an early bird saving of $500 (Saving #1), you’ve travelled with us before (Saving #2), you’ve also travelled with the tour operator before (Saving #3), and you book the tour & airfare package with your own room (Saving #4).

Saving #1 $500 + 
Saving #2 $100 + 
Saving #3 $100 + 
Saving #4 $75  


Early bird savings vary trip to trip, and in some cases you may even qualify for a return traveller saving more than above – so it’s just to give you an idea.  But, this is an example of the multiple savings up for grabs when you return to travel with us again – earning big savings, and only after one trip!

And here’s a tip – don’t see the travel date that you’re looking for in our line up of Solos Mix tours? Let us know the dates you want to book and we can book it for you, apply all the savings and get you set to travel for less.

* Return Traveller refers to the Encounter Return Traveller Reward and/our return traveller to the tour operators that also offer a return traveller saving.