Solo travel is 100% of everything we do. With our years of taking care of solo travellers we’ve got the know-how for creating a line up holiday choices for single travellers that means we’ve got something on offer for everyone.

To help you focus, we’ve split them into two categories – ‘Solos Only’ or otherwise, ‘Solos Mix’ 


A small group tour exclusively for solo travellers. Couples or families do not join these groups.  Plus, we offer cruise groups, with our range of cruises, grouped together in our ‘Cruise Circle for Solos’ offer.  Did you know we're a member of CATO, Council of Australian Tour Operators? Find out more about our accreditation.


We’ve hand picked a line up of tours with other tour companies that are popular choices for solo travellers. This is our ‘Solos Mix’ offer. They are always smaller groups. There’s a mix of travellers, couples and solos travelling together – and like we mentioned, we’ve hand picked the tours more popular with single travellers.




Our 'Solos Only' groups are exclusively for solo travellers.


From our traveller feedback, we know that our age-matched holidays are one of the main reasons that solo travellers choose to join us. They've got a proven track record since we first started in 2006.

We offer a mix of age-groups; 40 years and over, 45 years; over, 55 years; over, 30 to 49 years, and 40 to 59 years, being the regular age ranges.

And our Cruise Circle for Solos cruise groups are best suited to cruise fans 40 years and over.


There's no endless list of optional tours because we've created itineraries with the highlights included. What You See is What You Get - there's no hidden extras - we keep it simple and transparent.


You'll be well looked after. For our international tours, a local group guide (or guides) escorts the group.

The guide is from your travel destination and they're their to lead you and arrange the touring logistics. In some cases, for very small groups, you may have different local guides at each destination.

For our resort and hosted cruise packages we include a group co-ordinator from Encounter Travel. They host the group and coordinate the group dining and activities.

For a walking tours we include an experienced outdoor walking guide or in some cases two guides with the group.


We take a 'less is more' approach. As you get to know our 'Solos Only' tours you'll start to see a common thread among them - it's the easy going pace, often featuring 2 and 3 night stays at many of the destinations.

We believe there's no better way to enjoy your travels than having the time to soak up the atmosphere of each place you visit, and remembering that you're on a holiday and not a race to the end.


As a solo traveller, it's a lot more fun to share a meal together and revel in the days' highlights. We know that if you wanted to dine alone, you probably wouldn't have just taken off on your own independent trip.

From our point of view, dining is as much a part of the journey as touring and travelling. Indulging in the local food, enjoying the surroundings and taking in the atmosphere, all while enjoying it with your small group of travel buddies.


We bring solo travellers together but recognise that solo travellers value their independence. It’s why we have a thoughtful balance between planned group sightseeing and dining, and then the freedom to make your own discoveries or take some quiet time.

Our walking trips are different – often you are in more remote areas so mostly it’s a group experience. However, there’s also free time through the day and at end of each day when you aren’t walking and you can take time out for yourself.


We’ve hand picked a line up of tours with that are popular choices for solo travellers. There’s a mix of travellers, single travellers and couples travelling together – but from our ‘know-how’ these are trips popular with solo travellers.


Like our ‘Solos Only’ groups you’ll enjoy the benefits of a small group tour – all of our ‘Solos Mix’ tours are smaller groups, many of them capped at 20 or 28 travellers, depending which one you pick. Even though they have maximum group sizes there’s still a chance groups will depart with less than the promoted maximum group size.

We love small group touring, and it’s our focus. This is why you’ll only ever find smaller group tours in our line up, and not coaching touring of 48 or 50 passengers. 


When we select our Solos Mix groups, not only do we select them for their well planned itineraries and small group offer but also, we only offer them from established and leading tour operators that maintain the standards we expect. 


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