Fees related to general assistance, booking and cancellation services.


AMENDMENTS/REBOOKING: $50 per person, per change for all amendments except airfare amendments (see 'Airfares' for fees)

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT FEES: for additional payments towards The Holiday, that exceed a deposit payment, final monies payment, any stipulated progress payments, payment towards an airfare or additional services, these payments incur a $15 administration fee. 

AD HOC SERVICES CANCELLATION: $45 cancellation fee per person, per service for any cancellation of ad hoc services. This includes but is not limited to; additional hotel nights including stopover hotels; sightseeing activities and/or tours, transfer services, or any other travel booking request aside from THE HOLIDAY arrangements. Once a booking has been requested, whether paid, in full or in part or not at all, plus any additional charges incurred by the Third Party service provider are also imposed. 

SPECIAL PURCHASE POLICIES: some Third Parties, such as tour or cruise operators offer special purchase policies (such as ‘Safety Net’ or ‘Gold Seal’ or ‘Deposit Cancellation’ or similar) which when purchased permit a cancellation of your booking without penalty and a full refund, or funds held in credit for future bookings. In this instance, the 3rd party refunds the deposit monies however, we retain $175 service cancellation fee. 

LOST PROPERTY: any loss of property while on The Holiday that is found and can be returned to the owner will incur a service fee and any courier or transport costs.


Minimum Upfront $150 fee inclusive of first hour
Charged for email or phone contact support/advice
Fee must be accepted upfront by reply email or SMS to take action, or by phone with payment as acceptance

After First Hour
15 minute increments =  $30
Plus any other 3rd party fees


LATE PAYMENT: $50. Applicable for any payment received after its due date

LATE DOCUMENTS FEE: $35. Applicable when mandatory traveller documents/information to be provided by the traveller has not been received by the due date. Includes by not limited to the booking form, travel insurance policy certificate, flight itinerary (if by own arrangement), and any vaccination certificate requirements.

Late Fee Dates: After final monies due date for holiday.

OR, late fees may be imposed if we provide an alternative due date for documents required to make reservations and this information is not provided by this date.

Where a booking is made on or after the final monies due date, all documentation is required within 3 days of booking to avoid late fees.

LATE BOOKING: $75. May apply for reservations made after the final monies payment date.

Minimum $55 fee inclusive of first 30 minutes
All other service charged at $90 per hour


Airfare Service Fee:
Advice or booking airfares incur an upfront non-refundable service fee. Standard fees below. May vary and would be advised with quote if fee is otherwise.

Fare Class/Type


Domestic (Australia)


All fare classes


International (one-way or return)


Premium, and mixed class-economy with premium 
Business Class, First class & Round the World (including with mixed class with economy and or premium economy sectors)


Other general advice


Fees are in Australian dollars (AUD) and non refundable. Additional ad-hoc service fees may apply for additional itineraries, stopovers or flight routes, that are not related to our holiday itineraries.

  • Applies to airfare advice, quotes and reservation requests
  • The fee covers these services for the one enquiry/ticket/destination
  • Applies if one way or return
  • Multi sector; more than 4 flight sectors attracts additional $55 fee

Amendment Fee: A $75 amendment fee per person per change made once reservations have been confirmed plus any additional charges incurred by airlines and third parties. Any amendment is subject to availability. 

Cancellation or Refund Fee: Once reservations have been confirmed and full payment received service fees apply to cancel and/or refund an airfare plus any charges imposed by airlines and third parties. 

Third Party Fees: $11 to $26 per ticket as a guide for issuing tickets, issuing amended tickets, cancellations or refunds. 


Hotel Search & Quote Fee

$50 (1 destination)
$70 (more than 1 destination)

Multi Day Tour Search and/or Quote Fee


Day Trip Search and/or Quote Fee

$45 (1 service)

Transfer Search and/or Quote Fee

$45 (1 service)

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