Encounter Travel was founded on a simple idea; that solo travellers could join travel groups with like minded travellers – no longer on the fringe of groups made up of couples.

Back in 2006, we stepped in to fill the void for solo travellers. Founder, Justine Waddington has solo traveller experiences over more than twenty years and to date has visited 57 countries across the globe.

Since humble beginnings of a one woman show, it wasn’t too long before our travel team grew. Based in our Sydney city office, our travel team is made up of senior travel consultants, our groups department managing the in’s and out’s of your travel plans, office support staff and lead by the company founder, Justine Waddington.

We bring the colour of travel to solo travellers - witnessing friendships blossoms, seeing new doors open, and listen to the stories of our intrepid solo travellers encountering unimaginable discoveries.

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Share your journey, without the drawbacks of big coach tours or the solitude of being alone.

Not all tours are made the same – we love small groups, and it’s backed up from our solo traveller feeback that they do too!

There’s less queues, less waiting, more chance of getting to know your fellow travellers, plus enjoy more interaction with your local tour guide – all up, a more personal, and authentic travel experience.  

You’re probably starting to get the picture of the difference between small and large groups. 

Because of our small groups, we have more freedom to find the dining experiences where not just tourists dine – you won’t just be ‘hotel dining’, night in and night out. And, where large coach tours are restricted to the big hotels we have the option to use boutique hotels with the charm of the destination. 


100% Australian, created for Australians by Australians. We ‘get’ the Australian travel style. But, we also welcome with open arms, friends from other countries who’d like to travel with a friendly group of Australians.

The founder is Australian born and bred, widely travelled, and an experienced solo traveller who knows first-hand the mindset of Australian solo travellers. Her adventures are from one extreme to the other; she’s backpacked, trekked, skied, camped, gone solo (countless times), travelled in groups big and small, chilled out at resorts, ventured on safari, travelled on a shoe string, indulged in five star experiences, and lots of stock standard two to three star touring; she’s covered all the popular options for solo travellers.

She's been away on short jaunts and longer journeys. She understands the feelings of first time solo travellers and also the confidence that comes with being an experienced solo travellers; All of her experiences are drawn on to deliver our range of tours, cruise and resort packages for Australian solo travellers.

3. SINCE 2006

We've already racked up over 12 years of experience creating and delivering the best ever holidays for solo travellers. As a boutique tour operator, we delight in detail, delivering personal service and finding your next best memory. We take on board from feedback from our solo travellers; it's critical to our continual pursuit for delivering the ultimate solo traveller memories. It's why we take feedback seriously and offer every traveller the opportunity to share their journey with us with our online surveys we send out after each tour.


Not all solo travellers are the same, and that’s why we’ve created five travel styles

Discovery |  Get Going |  On The Water |  Combo | Relax 

Read more about our travel styles



Not only are we the solo traveller specialists but we recognise this with our line up of our choices with our exclusively 'Solos Only' tours and 'Cruise Circle for Solos' cruising options - only for solo travellers.



We've worked out the key ingredients for creating the ideal tour, and, it's our age-matched tours that brings solo travellers coming back to us; over and over again.

We offer a mix of age-groups; 40 years and over, 45 years and over, 55 years and over, 30 to 49 years, and 40 to 59 years, are the regular age groups. And our Cruise Circle for Solos cruise groups are best suited to cruise fans 40 years and over.

Our age-matched groups have a proven track record, and you can read the countless testimonials from your fellow solo travellers.



There's no endless list of optional tours because we've created itineraries with all the best included. But we also know that many of our solos that join us are independent travellers, who seek out their own time. It's why you'll see a balance in our Solos Only itineraries for group time and the time to make your own discoveries.


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