If you can't afford travel insurance, then you can't afford to travel

We know from experience the value of travel insurance.

Any number of events may bring your travel plans to a grinding holt; last minute cancellation due to illness, unexpected family crisis, ill health while you are travelling, and accidents – and this is where travel insurance has you covered. Although bitterly disappointing to have your trip cut short or not even depart, with a travel insurance policy at least your financial loss is minimised.

When you travel solo, peace of mind is even more important, and travel insurance will buy you the comfort of knowing that you’re covered, before you leave home and while you’re away, in the event of something unexpected that sees you out of pocket for any number of reasons. Sometimes, travel insurance is a last minute thought or seems incidental to your travel plans. But, if you get your insurance early then you’ll be covered for those events before you take off, as well as while you’re on holidays

Don't Leave It Until The Last Minute Before You Depart!


As part of our booking terms, you must have a valid travel insurance policy for your trip, unless it’s valued under $1000 and then we leave the choice to you.

We ask you for a copy your insurance policy document, and at least 42 days prior to your holiday departure. Then we can finalise your trip documentation and get it to you in plenty of time before you travel.


A lot of travellers take advantage of travel insurance policies available with their credit card, but with this there’s some important considerations, and some cases when we can’t accept a credit card policy.

If you wish to travel using your credit card travel insurance policy the following information is required and without this information we do not accept your credit card policy.

We require the name of your bank that your credit card is issued under, the name of the insurance company that provides the policy, the emergency assistance telephone number to call in the event of an emergency, a copy of the insurer’s product disclosure statement, and a policy number.

We also require that you state what the minimum requirements are for cover eligibility with your credit card; this can be but not limited to a minimum spend on your credit card towards your travel arrangements for this Holiday, and you must provide evidence that you have meet the minimum requirements.
Failure to meet all above requirements for cover with a credit card will require that you take cover with an alternative travel insurance policy.


If you join us for one of our walking or adventure holidays in Australia, you must show evidence to us that you have cover for medical evacuation.

Take Note! Some travel insurance policies, including some credit card policies do not provide cover for medical evacuation for travel within Australia.

However, cover for medical evacuation may be provided by some private health insurers. If you don’t have cover from a private health insurer, you must purchase cover with an insurer that provides cover for medical evacuation relating to travel within Australia.


Anything Risky?
Be sure to check your policy. Are you covered for activities that your insurer deems risky? This could be activities like scuba diving, snow-skiing, jet-boating, driving or riding as a passenger on motorbikes or mopeds, hiking and water sports. There’s differences between insurers, so you’ll need to check the Product Disclosure Statement or give them a call.

If you are taking part in one of our trips where the main activity of the holiday is deemed as a risky activity we will also ask you to show evidence to us that your policy covers you for this activity. As an example, this could be our snow skiing/boarding trip.

Elderly Parents
Most policies set a limit to the cover granted where an elderly parent becomes ill or dies, once they are over a certain age. Be sure to check your policy for this limit; as it could mean you will not be covered for expenses if you can’t travel or must cut your trip home due to an elderly parent becoming ill or dying.

Pre Existing Medical Condition
If you have a pre existing medical condition, check with your insurer if you will have cover for the condition. For some pre existing conditions you can opt to pay more for cover. Terms of cover varying between conditions and insurers and it’s essential to seek advice before you take out a policy.

Who Can Act On Your Behalf?
Before you travel, be sure to obtain legal advice to find out how to ensure a family member or friend can act on your behalf with your insurer, and also with persons involved in your care such as doctors, if you become incapacitated. 

Other Tips

  • Accidents while intoxicated may mean you are not covered for any accident or loss.
  • Provide a copy of your policy to a family member or friend who can assist you if required.
  • Carry a copy of your policy with you while travelling in your hand luggage and also your main luggage.
  • Take a photo of your Insurer’s emergency contact information with your mobile phone, to keep with you while you travel.