Rowena, Groups Administrator, Encounter Travel
Rowena, groups administrator

Rowena has been a travel enthusiast since she started working in the travel industry in 2011. She helped in building her aunt’s travel agency which sparked her interest in travelling. Her enthusiasm for travel made her motivated to help other people to find their ideal holiday destinations.

She first travelled to Hong Kong and Macau, and from that day on, she promised herself to travel around the world. Her thoughts of travel have paused for while, raising her daughters and managing a busy family life. Since working with Encounter Travel she enjoys seeing the dreams of others come to life, and hopeful that one day soon, her family will get to travel together to their dream destinations.

Role at Encounter Travel: Groups Administrator

Favourite Country: Japan
Favourite City: Tokyo
Favourite Encounter holiday: Japan Discovery

Year started in Travel Industry: 2011
Started at Encounter Travel: 2016

My Top Travel Tip: Pack all your travel essentials in your carry on and save important documents. Remember to bring your camera to save the memories of your travel experience. Most important of all, enjoy every minute of your holiday!

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