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Is getting a travel visa a daunting prospect? Have you heard stories about visa applications that turn you off the idea of visiting a country that has a visa obligation? Or at least, dreading the process? Would it be nice to know that it may not be as complicated as you’ve heard, or that finding the right information ...

Solo travel and dining alone are a given that they go hand in hand.  But is the fear, or dislike of dining alone mean you’re missing out?  Or worse – you’re not travelling solo because the idea of dining alone is stopping you in your tracks?  Just because you’re travelling solo, shouldn’t mean you forfeit a dining expe ...

One of the big road blocks to taking off on solo travels is safety. If you don’t feel safe travelling solo, then you’re probably not likely to ‘go it alone’. So, how can you know if your destination is safe, or can you ever really know?It’s not possible to cover safety for all the 100’s if not 1000’s of travelling scen ...

Like a short cut to some answers to your questions about cruising with Royal Caribbean? Here’s some easy to remember tips to know before you go. You may not even know you want to know but when you do you’ll be glad for the heads up.  And as I’m all about cruising solo, there’s a few extra tips for singles cruising. P ...

Tips for planning, and tips for touring – if they are easy, you’ll remember them, and hopefully act on them too. Direct from the crew at Encounter Travel - we’ve got our one liner tips for an easy read.

Tanna Island, Vanuatu revealed something new to me about the South Pacific that I didn’t expect.When you think of South Pacific, what’s your first thought?  Does it conjure up images of lazing poolside at an island resort enjoying local hospitality, destressing from your busy days back home?   And which island paradise ...

Never chance time when you’ve got a flight to catch.  You’re off to a good start – arriving to the airport with plenty of time to spare. But, that’s just stage 1 to reaching your flight on time. Stage 2 is making sure that between check-in and your flight departure you make it to your boarding gate on time. Sounds simple enough, right?

As a first-timer to Russia this year, I had a stack of preconceived ideas and images about what it would be like, and not of all it was favourable. On reflection my thoughts were gravely unfounded.

It was a virtual list – just ideas in mind about day to day life, the people, how it would be to travel around, and the weather, particularly since I was going in winter and had timed my trip unknowingly just as the cold snap swept across Europe in March.  My trip was a whirlwind with just a few nights in St Petersburg and the same in Moscow, connected with the fast train between the two cities (which by the way, was impressively fast and comfortable). Although, a brief visit, it didn’t take long before I busted my top five myths about Russia.

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