With endless options for your first solo travel adventure, how do you get started on the right track?Whether you are joining a group tour or travelling alone, by answering 7 easy planning questions, you’ll narrow the focus and you’ll have a much clearer starting point. Plus, if you’re planning with a travel agent, it m ...

The idea of travelling alone can send a shudder down some spines, and travel dreams are buried under clouds of fear or lists of excuses, just because you don’t have a travel buddy. With around 30% of households in countries like Australia with a ‘single’ status, solo travellers are on the rise. But leaving home alone ...

An Australian philanthropist is responsible for over 400,000 cases of poo pinching since she embarked on her endeavour more than six years ago, to make a difference to homeless men and women across Australia.

Do you know the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ with Gwyneth Paltrow? The plot is based on the main character ‘Helen’ and how her life would be completely different depending on whether or not she catches a certain train, one certain day and time. 

Something struck a chord with me today.  It was a Facebook post from some recent solo travellers from one on our short weekend escapes.  Three lovely ladies from our recent Easter trip to the Hunter Valley (NSW, Australia) were out for walk and brunch together at Bondi Beach. I saw their Facebook check-in at Lush On Bo ...

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