For all the cat lovers that love to travel, here’s some places where cats rule and roam. It’s not just because of the cats that I feature these places in Greece, Morocco, Turkey, and Russia.  On their own, these destinations (cats or not) are amazing and not to be missed. If you’re like me, and you miss your feline fri ...

Like never before, travel has been stopped dead in its tracks – with travel plans thwarted. And now, maybe for your first time ever, you’re in self-isolation. If you’ve never travelled alone and something’s been holding you back, could a dose of self-isolation be just what you need to prove to yourself you’ve got what it takes to travel solo?


What’s in store for you when you join Aussie solo travellers? American, Brit, Canadian, or anywhere else outside of Australia? Curious about changing it up, and taking off with some Aussies?  Traveling solo, and meeting up with Aussies along the way  - you’re in for a unique experience! And, even more, the best tours f ...

When it comes to things to do in Italy the options seem endless.  My list of best things to do in Italy are solo inspired; just some of my favourite experiences in Italy that have left unfading memories.  When you’re planning a trip to Italy the one thing to remember is a ‘less is more approach’ may be the best way to enjoy your travels. So much of what enjoying touring Italy is about soaking up the atmosphere and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Am I too old to solo travel at over 60?

Learn why, you’re not too old and there’s no better time to solo travel. With a surge now for the over 60 travel age group you’re not alone. And you’re not alone when it comes to fears or challenges, whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Is the Day of the Dead a missed travel experience, simply because solo travellers don’t have Guatemala on their travel radar? Discover why travellers far and wide visit Guatemala to seek out the annual festivities of The Day of the Dead and why solo travel to Guatemala, should be on your travel radar. 

Looking back to our start in 2006 solo travel companies, were few and far between. These days, there's still few solo travel companies around the world that exclusively create packages for solo travellers. We've stuck with it - 100% solo for thirteen years.

Is getting a travel visa a daunting prospect? Have you heard stories about visa applications that turn you off the idea of visiting a country that has a visa obligation? Or at least, dreading the process? Would it be nice to know that it may not be as complicated as you’ve heard, or that finding the right information ...

Have you ever felt ‘singled out’ because you weren’t coupled? And if the answer is ‘yes’, or ‘maybe’, do you think it’s impacted your travel choices? When I started my company for single travellers, I felt an unspoken bias for couples travelling over singles.  And I knew it was making some single people feel uneasy tr ...

Solo travel and dining alone are a given that they go hand in hand.  But is the fear, or dislike of dining alone mean you’re missing out?  Or worse – you’re not travelling solo because the idea of dining alone is stopping you in your tracks?  Just because you’re travelling solo, shouldn’t mean you forfeit a dining expe ...

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