Do travel choices for ‘grown up’ solo travellers seem hard to find? Why is it that it seems that there’s countless tours and cruises advertised for couples and families, but not the solo traveller?

It could even feel that 'over 50' and 'single' but also feeling 'not too old' and 'not too young' almost makes it harder to find a solo travel option where you feel you fit in.

You're not ready for the pensioner set (maybe never), and you've definitely out grown the Contiki tour option.



Just as it feels your options are a dwindling; friends not up for the same travel plans you have in mind, or the same passion? Or your circle of single friends is slim and you’re wondering your options for taking off without a travel buddy? Or quite simply, you know you want to go alone.

Wherever you are at with your travel plans, you definitely made some inroads as you got this far and you found us – Wow, a travel company for solo travellers, perhaps is what you’re thinking.

We’ll, here, you fit right in! Because, we only look after solo travellers and there's a stack of other solo travellers in their fifties, sixties and some young at heart travellers in their seventies too.

Nice change to the other mainstream packages out there – ads loaded with images of the perfect couple touring Europe, or soaking up romantic moments at a tropical resort, and so on and so on…. tragically failing to show single travellers in the picture.


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Not all solo travellers are the same, and that’s why we’ve created 5 travel styles to pick from

  1. 'Discovery' – leisure touring
  2. 'On The Go' - walking and adventure tours
  3. 'Marine' – ocean and river cruising
  4. 'Combo' - mixing it up with tour & cruise combination packages
  5. 'Relax' - chill out resort packages

Age Matched Groups

Most of our tours are created for single-solo travellers 40 years and over, with a mix of age groups offered;  40 years & over, 45 years & over, 55 years & over, 40 to 59 years, and there’s others.  

And our Cruise Circle for Solos cruise groups are best suited to cruise fans 40 years and over.

Our age-matched groups have a proven track record, and you can read the countless testimonials from your fellow solo traveller.

The Great Ocean Walk holiday was a great introduction to singles tours and walking holidays. ... a small group with people of a similar age enabled everyone to get to know each other....

Janene, 44 years, Newcastle, NSW
Sitting On The Fence?

Solo travel, or holidays for singles; whichever you identify with, all being one-in-same, if you haven't quite made up your mind call us - we can chat and help to answer your questions. Or perhaps it’s some guidance you’re after, and our Travel Team are on hand to help show you the way.

Speak to one of our travel consultants, Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm Sydney
T: 1300 653 692.  Visit our List of Holidays and find your next adventure.