European Tours for Singles

European tours for singles
Small group touring on European Icons of Eastern Europe, Solos Only

Do you feel Europe calling your name, but you’re travelling alone and wondering where to next for a solo travel tour of Europe?  Travelling is one of the most exciting ways to spend those hard earned holiday hours, but alone may not be your idea of fun.  

You’ve been entranced by all those wonderful images of Europe, or maybe returning to memories of trips gone by.  And now you’re ready to set off on your own, but not ready to travel alone.

Hats off to all the intrepid solo travellers but if European tours for singles is more your travel style then you’re going to want to know how to get it right. What you really want to know is how to seek out the best European tours for singles!  One guarantee on joining group tours for singles in Europe  is that they’re filled with friendly chatter and the ability to share experiences with new friends.

When you’re planning a solo tour of Europe, there’s an intimidating number of tasks that you would normally complete if your making plans on your own, such as organising transport from stop to stop, booking accommodation and planning your itinerary. You skip all this hassle – a singles group for Europe tours can take care of all this for you. 

What’s Your Europe Solos Tour Match?

First step, working out what you want from your time away from home? You know you like the comfort and friendliness of travelling with others - the safety and organisation done for you!

Now hone-in on the pace – are the best group tours for singles in Europe with lots of stops and lots of destinations? You love the pace to be fast and the experience to be jam packed. Or is your style more laid back, preferring 2, 3 or even more nights of stay in each place?

When deciding on your solos tour of Europe, spend the time reading the published tour itinerary day by day – you can quickly get a sense of the pace, whether days are filled with activities on the European tours for singles, or you want a deep, rich experience, immersed in one culture and country for your solo tour of Europe. You  want to taste all the delights each place has to offer,  and explore slowly and thoroughly. 

There’s no one best European tour for singles – it all gets down to what you want out of your trip.
Research the best tour companies for solos in Europe. Look for award winners and traveller testimonials – nothing like hearing from travellers that have gone before you. You can soon work out the best European tours for singles!

Once you narrow the choice with the tour pace, now decide what’s important to you about your night’s rest;  is it budget over quality, and just the essentials is good enough for you, or you like a bit more comfort of true luxe style?

You’ve checked off your tour pace and accommodation rating – now a big factor – is big better than small?  

Is Big Better than Small?

There’s no right answer when choosing a big coach tour over a small group solos only tour experience – it’s personal choice and pros and cons to each when you’re travelling solo. But, here’s a few pointers to mull over when you’re narrowing down your choices.

  • Small solo travel groups are a great way to get to know all your fellow solo travel buddies, and enjoy a real sense of belonging.
  • Big groups are fun when it comes to party time and may save some dollars but the flip side is that you’re just another one of those big coaches hauling through Europe.
  • Small groups will offer a more authentic experience as you can visit places that the big bus tours simply can’t – like dining in smaller local restaurants, like a local – just can’t be done on a big bus tour.
  • The tour manager on the best European tours for singles is an invaluable resource when it comes to recommending where to go and where to eat. They’ll know what sights to see, how to chat with the locals and how to navigate those maps! This is especially helpful when you’re travelling by yourself because you don’t have someone else to help you make these decisions! Small groups can offer more individual attention, but if you don’t need that then a big coach tour may be for you.

 So much to consider but thinking about the group size sounds like a great way to measure the best European tours for singles when it comes to making your pick. 


Crunch Time. How Much for Travelling Solo?

Travelling solo and we’re all thinking the same – the dreaded single supplement.
The ultimate European tours for singles offer reasonably priced single supplements. It’s mostly unavoidable and a major single traveller’s gripe – paying more because you’re not sharing a room. But the other way to think of it is that we all pay the same price for the hotel, just that if you share a room, you’re sharing the cost.  Hopefully it puts the single supplement in a new light – it’s just that tours and hotels can promote a lower price based on sharing – the price looks appealing but it’s not a reality when you’re travelling solo, and you’re not up for sharing.  

So, pay the extra and guarantee you get your own single room while travelling on your solo tours Europe but check you won’t give away too many of your hard earned holiday dollars needlessly. The best tour companies for solo travellers don’t inflate these supplements, and they keep them to a minimum. Alternatively, the best European tours for singles give you the choice to also share with a person of the same sex. For some of us, that’s a happy outcome – you know if you’re a good sharer or not. And if you’re happy to share it’s a nice saving. 

Heads Up On The European Room Size

When choosing a company offering group tours of Europe for singles it’s a good idea to enquire what size rooms are offered for solo tours to Europe. Many hotels in Europe have an undesirable selection of single rooms; smaller and pokier than a room for two, and often in the least appealing location of the hotel.  We can’t say why rooms for single travellers whereever built like this, but it happens. And, if you’re travelling solo that last thing you want is to be made to feel like a second class citizen, shuffled off to the least appealing room in the hotel. 

Big tip – check with the tour operator how they book rooms for single travellers! Perhaps they’ll offer you double rooms on your solos tour Europe, but perhaps they don’t.  Even better, perhaps the accommodation chosen by your European tours for singles provider are unique and authentic in style and everyone is different! 

Making Your Europe Solo Travel Plans

If you’re one that likes to put your own touches to your travel plans then think about ways to plans this for your solo tours Europe. A great way to start out is taking a day or so before your solo travel tour starts. Ease into it – if you’ve got a long flight and time differences, it’s a good idea to pad in a few extra days to recharge and adjust to your new time zone. 

Plus, in free time, investigate options to make your own discoveries or even book other half day touring experiences. There’s endless options and in big cities throughout Europe you can find fun experiences to join for a few hours, half a day or more or even night time fun like bar hopping tours – check out tours on AirBNB or TripAdvisor – a great place to start to get the ideas flowing.

So now the fun begins! You’ve got a great idea of what your best European tours for singles looks like. You’re armed with suggestions for choosing the group tours of Europe for singles that will be  just right for you!

The best solos tours in Europe are the ones where you’ve down the leg work, narrowed down what you want and how you like to travel but left all the left all the hard yakka to someone else – choose your tour, book on, pack and go!


Year on year, it’s no surprise that our Italian Splendour solo travel tour proves to be a leading favourite. Departs every year and rave reviews. It’s a beautiful itinerary with wonderful 2 and 3 nights throughout and some wonderful highlight dining experiences.

Discover Turkey for solos only 40 years and over, and Greece with an option to extend to the Greek Islands are hitting the mark when it comes to Europe solos tour favourites. Already the first tours are guaranteed departures.  The low single supplements for these destinations make it a top pick.

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