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Tipping is recognition of the delivery of good service. It may not be customary in your home country but in many countries and across the tourism industry it’s generally an accepted practice (with the exception of some countries) and in some countries expected. It can be a significant part of a worker’s income were wages are very low or the minimum wage level in the country. It’s also a way to incentivise excellent service for all future visitors.

The Tour Tipping Fund

On day 1, your tour director/group leader will collect a contribution to cover tips for services related to your tour; tips for the local guides, driver/s, restaurant staff, hotel porters and any other service personnel related to the tour.

This tipping fund does not cover the tip for your tour director/group guide.

Your Tour Director/Group Leader in Morocco

It’s customary to tip a group guide for excellent service. As a guide USD 2–5 per person, per day (or the equivalent paid in the local currency). This is a personnel choice but please consider that your group guide has been with the group from start to end, and away from their home. We encourage great service to be recognised by way of a tip.

You may wonder about giving a gift in lieu of cash; our advice is that a cash contribution is the best way to recognise the service provided.

Local Services
It’s not mandatory but like many destinations, rounding up a bill is common for local services; such as dining at a local restaurant. For taxi rides it’s the same but take care not to offend a driver with just a few dirham (2 dirham is just only about 50 cents in USD).

Tourist Tips
Where it may not be common place for your home destination, incidental tips may be expected; e.g a photo with a snake and snake charmer in the local market, or accepting a ‘free’ tour and a tip is expected at the end.

Tip: carry small denominations for this purpose.