Trip Insights - Is This Trip Right for Me?

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Is this trip right for you?  You want to get it right, and find a trip that matches your travel style. These pointers will help you decide if this trip is right for you.


  • This is a small group experience with a maximum of 16 solo travellers.
  • You’re a match for the nominated age group for this trip; travellers 40 years and over.
  • You enjoy the benefits of travelling as a small group, including dining together and sharing the journey.




  • Many destinations are hot and dry throughout the year.
  • It's a good idea to pack layers as some areas can be cooler such as The Atlas Mountains. In the evening temperatures can drop considerably, especially in the winter months.
  • Packing light weight and loose-fitted clothing is most suitable for the days


Hotels for are mostly a superior 4 star standard, and in regional areas a tourist class standard 3-4 star.

Physical challenges:

  • Road travel can be intimidating due to ‘honking’ horns and more hectic driving style in the cities compared to Western driving practice in countries like Australia, USA or Canada.
  • Walking tours are included on this program.
  • You’re a traveller that knows to see the highlights some longer days of road travel are a part of the discovery.

Local Food

  • Moroccan food is flavoursome but generally chilli or hot spices can be avoided.


  • You are in favour of our policy that we do not support activities that involve animals for tourist entertainment. The exception is the use of camels as transport to the desert camp. 


  • You enjoy learning new things such as the history and culture of another country.
  • When visiting temples, arms and knees should be covered in respect for the local customs.