A Typical Day, Bay of Fires Walk

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Each day, each group, each guide may influence itinerary details, but the following will give you an idea of daily timing. Your trip briefing before you start the walking tour will be approximately 30 minutes in duration and will include the following:

  • An outline of the general itinerary/objectives of the tour
  • A cross-check of essential gear and clothing required
  • Explanations of what is expected from the group and individual participants
  • Identification of inherent risks of the trip and outline emergency procedures
  • Explanation of Leave no Trace principles and overall conservation strategies
  • Forecast weather conditions 

Most days on an accommodated tour consists of a wakeup call around 6.30-7am so you can rise and be ready for a wonderful breakfast put on by your guides. Then it is off on your walk for the day. A short drive to the trail head may be required from your accommodation but you will be out for the whole day enjoying the beautiful surrounds. Lunch needs to be carried for the day in the day packs and you get to enjoy some of the best lunch stops with views that Tasmania has to offer. Again, let your guides prepare the spread while you either have a swim or just relax and take in the views. At the end of a day’s walking itinerary you’re usually met by the driver and vehicle and returned to your accommodation for the evening to enjoying a high quality Tasmanian dinner while watching the sun go down, this is a great end to the days walking.

Your guides will not expect any assistance but will appreciate it, if you have the energy, to make things happen that much quicker and easier.