Trip Insights

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Is this trip right for you?  You want to get it right, and find a trip that matches your travel style. These pointers will help you decide if this trip is right for you. 


  • This is a small group experience with a maximum of 28 solo travellers (may increase subject to hotel availability.
  • You’re a match for the nominated age group for this trip; solo travellers 45 years and over.
  • You may join with a friend but our groups are couple-free
  • You are social and enjoy the benefits of meeting up for group dinners
  • You’re an independent style holiday maker that does not need the services of a full time host. 



  • Between May-August it’s the peak season for visiting Far North Queensland. It’s winter; with beautiful warm days and pleasant evenings without the humidity experienced during other times of year. 


  • Enjoy 5 star boutique accommodation

Physical challenges:

  • Limited physical challenges as this is a resort package and you can do as much or as little as you wish.
  • Optional day out to the Great Barrier Reef offers snorkelling.

Local Food

  • We include set menus for dinners with choices and include some highlight dining experiences. 


  • Around the area of Port Douglas there are options to seek out tours with local indigenous people and communities.