As a minimum, information provided applies to Australian passport holders visiting the destination as a tourist (not business), and is subject to change without notice.  It's important to recheck the requirements prior to your departure.

You must hold a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from your return date to your home country. *At the time we prepare travel documentation we would advise if this condition has changed.
* At the time of publishing the content to our website

A visa is not required if you are travelling on an Australian passport to the following countries:

Schengen Countries (Schengen Visa):

Austria | Belgium  | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia
Finland | France  | Germany  | Greece | Hungary
Iceland | Italy  |  Latvia  |  Lithuania  |  Luxembourg
Malta  | Netherlands  | Norway  | Poland  | Portugal
Slovakia  | Slovenia  |  Spain  | Sweden | Switzerland  | Liechtenstein

Other European Countries:

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Croatia

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