Is This Trip Right For You?

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Is this trip right for you?  You want to get it right, and find a trip that matches your travel style. These pointers will help you decide if this trip is right for you. 


  • This is a small group experience with a maximum of 21 solo travellers.
  • You’re a match for the nominated age group for this trip which is travellers 45 years and over.
  • You enjoy the benefits of travelling as a small group, including dining together and sharing the journey. 



  • In Autumn and Spring the weather can vary. During summer (June to August) expect warn to hot weather but at the Lake in may be more temperate.
  • It's a good idea to pack layers as some areas can be cooler outside of summer


  • Hotels are a superior standard, 4 star
  • Rooms in Italy can be a smaller size than Australian or American standards
  • Beds in hotel rooms are overall smaller than Australian or American standards

Physical challenges:

  • In many destinations there could be walking on uneven surfaces such as cobble stoned streets, the need to climb steep staircases, and/or walk up hills to reach attractions or hotels.
  • In some cities tourist transport has limited options for coach drop offs and pick ups and this may mean that travellers are required to walk some distance to reach attractions or hotels, even up to 15 minutes.
  • You’re a traveller that knows to see the highlights some longer days of road travel are a part of the discovery.
  • Area’s such as the Amalfi coast has a steep landscape, which can be slippery if wet. Some travellers may find getting up the hill/s difficult.  


  • You need to be mindful of your valuables, it’s known that there are pickpockets about, especially in busy tourist spots.

Local Food

  • Generally less variety of salads than we may be accustomed to in Australia and New Zealand.


  • You are in favour of our policy that we do not support activities that involve animals for tourist entertainment. 


  • You enjoy learning new things such as the history and culture of another country.
  • When visiting temples, arms and knees should be covered in respect for the local customs.