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Daydream Island
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  • 'An awesome trip to a beautiful part of Australia, with fabulous company. With everything organised for us, I could truly sit back and relax. The hardest decision to make each day was whether to go for a swim or read a book!'

    Emily, 38 years, VIC
  • 'Love you guys!!!! Amazing job! Absolutely outstanding and will sing your praises!! Fabulous! Can’t wait for the next.'

    Janae, 45 years, QLD
  • 'I would highly recommend travelling with Encounter Traveller if you are a solo traveller but wanting company for some of your holiday. Everything was well organised and I would highly recommend.'

    Maria, 48 years, QLD
  • 'Great to have a company that tailors trips specifically for solo travellers.'

    MIchelle, 38 years, WA
  • 'The perfect trip combining solo time, relaxation and a wonderful group of people to have dinner and drinks with.'

    Alli, 45 years, VIC
  • 'I was thrilled to meet such a fun and interesting group of travellers.'

    Cathy, 59 years, QLD
  • 'Great holidays, always a fun group who know how to enjoy themselves.'

    Gail, 52 years, QLD
  • 'A really great getaway. The small island makes it such a comfortable, secluded place. You could always find one of your group without much effort. Loved the food and the pools.'

    Kay, 70 years, QLD
  • 'Because they specialise in single travel it is a unique company which improves enjoyment for a group that is usually overlooked.'

    Janice, 66 years, NSW
  • "Beautiful place to holiday, great food, friendly staff and good company. Loved it."

    Debra, 57 years, QLD
  • 'Beautiful, relaxing, holiday of a lifetime.'

    Kieran, 57 years, QLD