Holiday Reviews

  • 'This was my first holiday with you, to Bali and the first time I travelled overseas without a friend/partner. The destination, resort, co-ordinators and people were fantastic. I had a fun and memorable holiday, meet a great group of people (who I will keep in contact) and look forward to going on another one soon.'

    Michelle, 50 years, Queensland
    Bali Resort Escape 40 to 59 years
  • This was my first time in Bali and I had a great time. The Padma Resort is outstanding. The rooms, grounds, pools, food etc were all terrific. I didn't expect to enjoy the white water rafting but it was a highlight. The group were easy to get along with. I'll go again.

    Neil, WA
    Bali Resort Escape
  • 'One of the best holidays I have ever had. Never really wanted to go to Bali but thought I would dip my toe in a solo traveler's holiday and found I didn't want to leave.'

    Kay, Queensland, Australia
    Bali Resort Escape
  • 'Our encounter trip to Vietnam was more than I expected with a great balance of activities and free time. Great food, friendly people and interesting locations with a rich history. I would recommend this trip to other active singles.'

    Gary, WA
    Best of Vietnam. 44 to 65 Years.
  • 'What a great experience exploring Vietnam with new friends of a similar age and situation.'

    Robert, NSW
    Best of Vietnam
  • 'Big thanks to our tour guide Fuong whose knowledge and pride in her beautiful country was exceptional.'

    Cathie. 58 years, WA
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Cambodia
  • 'This was my first time as a solo traveller and it was better than I expected. The whole experience from being guided around Vietnam and Cambodia to the friendships that resulted as we enjoyed everything that was on offer really made this a holiday to remember!'

    Sallie, 71 years, ACT
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Cambodia
  • 'Vietnam was fabulous with a friendly group and excellent tour guide. I loved meeting the people and learning about their history and culture. Vietnam was my third holiday with Encounter and I will definitely be back for more. They make it so easy.'

    Chris, 59 years, ACT
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Highlights of Cambodia
  • 'The Vietnam tour was fantastic, a wonderful way to see this beautiful country and a great way to meet fellow solo travelers too.'

    Susan, 55 years, VIC
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Highlights of Cambodia
  • 'The only decision I had to make each day was what to eat for breakfast, perfect for me.'

    Vivienne, 61 years, NSW
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Highlights of Cambodia
  • 'My first single tour to Vietnam, great guide and great people. Everyone got on so well. Am thinking of doing Africa next.'

    Marian, 64 years, NT
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Highlights of Cambodia
  • 'Thoroughly enjoyed this holiday with like minded people in a beautiful developing country.'

    Steve, 68 years, WA
    Best of Vietnam with Optional Highlights of Cambodia
  • 'The India trip was fantastic. We saw the best of Northern India in good company and with a very knowledgeable guide and a driver that made us all laugh. India can be confronting for some but we always felt safe and well looked after. One of the best trips I have ever taken!'

    Marilyn, 62 years, Melbourne, VIC
    Discover North India February 2017
  • 'Initially confronted by the chaos! Noise, cattle, beggars, poverty, dust and beeping horns. Then we started to learn the history and religion, saw the opulence and gentleness, and also heard about the economy and future for India. Amazing experience, not to be missed!'

    Maggie, 69 years, NSW
    Discover North India
  • 'India is like nothing and everything one expects it to be. An old culture steeped in tradition. Beyond the discomforts of everyday life is a wonder to behold.'

    Mary, 66 years , Melbourne, VIC
    Discover North India
  • 'First time solo traveller highly recommend to anyone wanting an adventure. The tours are well organised lots to do and see and best thing is you travel to destinations with like minded travellers.
    Good way to met people and perhaps make lifetime friends.'

    Debra, 45 years, Perth, WA
    Encounter Sri Lanka
  • 'I have been privileged to complete two different holidays with Encounter Travel and am convinced it is the best way to travel as a Solo. On each occasion I have formed lasting friendships and shared in the joy of discovering new cultures and experiences. The Sri Lanka tour was as diverse as it could be in terms of places visited, accommodation, (from gorgeous beachfront hotels to "Glamping" in an eco lodge to High tea in a traditional colonial Hill station), to safari encounters with elephants and a leopard sighting, to means of transport such as river cruising, bullock cart ride, tuk tuk as well as the bus. Every day brought something new and unexpected.'

    Lindy, 67 years, Melbourne, VIC
    Encounter Sri Lanka
  • 'The ambiance and content of the trip was really excellent. Moreover the Tour Guide, was probably the best I have ever had on any tour. Absolutely recommend this holiday.'

    Kyria, 71 years, VIC
    Encounter Sri Lanka
  • 'Loved my tour to Sri Lanka. It is such an amazing and diverse country and I would recommend you visit before it becomes too commercial.'

    Trudy, 58 years, Sydney, NSW
    Encounter Sri Lanka
  • 'Travelling alone and feeling safe was very important to me. Encounter was exceptional in their attention to detail which made the whole Sri Lanka experience absolutely fantastic.'

    Charlotte, 59 years, Sydney, NSW
    Encounter Sri Lanka