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Southern Spain and Morocco
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  • 'This trip wasn't just very big, it was huge. So very enjoyable, and I couldn't soak up enough of it!'

    Gayle, 74 years, Brisbane, QLD
  • 'I had a great time. Not only did I meet some lovely people but we were always on the go, discovering exotic new cities, customs and cultures. Excellent holiday as everything was very well organised.'

    Laura, 69 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'For anyone considering travelling solo in a group ... don't hesitate, I have just returned from a tour of Morocco and Spain and have met the best group of people that you can possibly hope to meet. I'm sure that we will catch up on future Encounter tours!'

    Karen, 57 years, Perth, WA
  • 'Great fun, friendly people, very experienced tour director. Overall a wonderful experience.' 

    Anne, 62 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'Morocco. Nothing but good memories and fun times. Soaking up all the history. Granada and Sevilla in Spain both a real taste of Spain.'

    John, ACT
  • 'Sahara desert was the biggest then just the whole trip was amazing.'

    Janelle, 57 years, NSW
  • 'Locations all fabulous. Very impressed with all aspects.'

    Vanaitta, 56 years, VIC
  • 'Spain and Morocco Holiday. this was such a fantastic holiday. Really got to experience a lot. I understand it is longer than most other holidays offered.'

    Maureen, 62 years, NSW
  • 'An interesting trip - Morocco is somewhere I think everyone should see, if for no other reason than for the vast differences in lifestyle and culture to our own. Spain was fabulous.'

    Megan, 67 years, NSW
  • 'Fantastic experience with many highlights every thing taken care of and loved the small group concept. Loved the all inclusive tour and not having to pay for optional extras.'

    Christine, 60 years, VIC
  • 'Loved the tour, Morocco was my favourite. So exotic!'

    Pamela, 71 years, QLD
  • 'Morocco was the most amazing adventure. Full of culture and amazing sights. It's a must go tour and you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend it.'

    Kerry, 66 years, Western Australia
  • 'I booked the 18-day Colours of Morocco 40+ solo tour. It was my first overseas trip as a solo traveller and it has given me confidence to do it again. The company was prompt and efficient providing information before and during the booking period. There was sufficient information provided. The tour guide was knowledgeable and very helpful and obliging. The itinerary was good with some faster paced days and some more at leisure. I would use Encounter Travel again.'

    Wendy, 64 years, NSW
  • 'Morocco is an amazing colourful country full of exciting things to do and see. From riding camels across the Sarah Desert, experiencing a Hammom in a Moroccan Bath House, touring through ancient cities full of colour and wonderment, enjoying one of the delicious Tagines they prepare or just walking through the many markets tasting the fruits, olives and just baked bread.'

    Cay, 71 years, NSW
  • 'Morroco was an adventure filled with new experiences, colours and tastes - a once in a lifetime must.'

    Anna, 54 years, VIC