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  • 'The India trip was fantastic. We saw the best of Northern India in good company and with a very knowledgeable guide and a driver that made us all laugh. India can be confronting for some but we always felt safe and well looked after. One of the best trips I have ever taken!'

    Marilyn, 62 years, Melbourne
  • 'A good value for money holiday led by an efficient tour guide.'

    David, 68 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'This is definitely for those who seek an Indian holiday that will take you out of your comfort zone and visit all those places that you have learned and wondered so much about. For those of us who seek that ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!'

    Gayle, QLD
  • 'As usual Arendevous excelled.. I had a very informative and enjoyable holiday.'

    Brent, QLD
  • 'Initially confronted by the chaos! Noise, cattle, beggars, poverty, dust and beeping horns. Then we started to learn the history and religion, saw the opulence and gentleness, and also heard about the economy and future for India. Amazing experience, not to be missed!'

    Maggie, 69 years, NSW
  • 'India is like nothing and everything one expects it to be. An old culture steeped in tradition. Beyond the discomforts of everyday life is a wonder to behold.'

    Mary, 66 years , Melbourne, VIC
  • 'I went on this holiday because I'd been told by others who'd done it previously that it was excellent. India is not a place I've had on my bucket list, but it was the most wondrous holiday. The Indian people are lovely - kind and peaceful. The towns and cities are fascinating. The forts, temples and palaces are amazing. After the first couple of days I even enjoyed the chaos of the roads/traffic. I always felt safe with our tour guide, bus driver and assistant who were brilliant. Hotels were good, and the food was delicious. A good value, highly recommended tour!'

    Judy, 58 years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'This was my second tour with Encounter after doing Vietnam last year. I absolutely loved India and would judge it the most interesting & diverse place I've ever been too. The sights & sounds are like nothing else I've experienced, even a couple of long days on the bus transiting between cities was exciting and never boring, as each kilometer presented something unseen before. There were plenty of rest periods particularly after early starts. Would thoroughly recommend.'

    Steve, 70 years, Perth, WA
  • 'If you want a holiday that is colourful, stimulating, exciting, delicious, luxurious, yet safe and just totally amazing, you simply must choose India. Each leg of this journey softly melted away my stress and left a long lasting impression of happy smiles and generosity forever in my heart.'

    Karen, 60years, Sydney, NSW
  • 'India was an extraordinary experience. I loved Kerala and would go back there again.'

    Carole, 76 years, WA
  • 'Excellent tour in the land of contrasts, all the destinations on this tour were interesting, The Tiger Den stop in the middle of the tour was very relaxing in a lovely old colonial setting. The festival of Holi was great fun, be prepared to be pink for a few weeks! The food was delicious with a great variety of vegetarian curries plus international cuisine. Our guide Kamal added a few extras including a super musical show in Agra and a visit to the world's largest sundial. Excellent holiday!'

    Deb, 58 years, NSW
  • 'I have been on two Encounter trips and have been impressed by the organization and the actual content of the tour and found that travelling with a group of singles of similiar age allowed a very positive interaction with my fellow travellers.'

    Andrew, 74 years, TAS