Trip Insights-Is This Trip Right For You?

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Is this trip right for you?  You want to get it right, and find a trip that matches your travel style. These pointers will help you decide if this trip is right for you.


  • This is a small group experience with a maximum of 12 solo travellers.
  • You’re a match for the nominated age group for this trip; travellers 40 years and over.
  • You enjoy the benefits of travelling as a small group, including dining together and sharing the journey. 



  • It's a good idea to pack layers as some areas can be cooler in the evenings
  • Days can be hot and sticky and depending on the time of year, nights can get cool. It's a good idea to pack clothing that suits layering, and apply sun protection.


  • Hotels are mostly comfortable tourist to superior standard up to 4 stars. Some lodgings are speciality lodgings such as permanent tented camp sites and do not have a star rating but all accommodation has private ensuites. The stay in Victoria Falls is a superior 4 star property, and a highlight stay.

Physical challenges:

  • Be prepared to swap seats so everyone can get a good view of the wildlife on safari.
  • There are some long days on rough roads on this itinerary, but the scenery is well worth the distance you travel.
  • Safari vehicles can be a little higher than your average vehicle, you need to be able to climb in and out on your own.
  • In some remote parts, while on safari, only bush toileting (in nature) is available which requires squatting for ladies.
  • Be sure to pack all medications, even the just in case ones so that you are covered, as you are in the remote bush for days at a time and facilities maybe difficult to access.
  • Always be friendly and travel with a smile, you will in turn get the most out of your journey.
  • It's not a good idea to wander the streets at night.
  • Leave your expensive jewellery and designer labels at home, they are not practical in this part of the world.
  • It’s a good idea to be mindful of your valuables, it’s known that there are pickpockets about in some areas.
  • It’s a good idea to carry cash with you, as ATM’s can be short on cash.  Some establishments and markets do not accept credit card.
  • It's a good idea to pack insect repellent as there are mosquitos and other bugs that bite. 

Local Food

  • The food is good quality home cooking for the most part. Similar to meals you would have in Australia.



  • You are in favour of our policy that we do not support activities that involve animals for tourist entertainment.



  • You enjoy learning new things such as the history and culture of another country.