Is This Trip Right For Me?

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Is this trip right for you?  You want to get it right, and find a trip that matches your travel style. These pointers will help you decide if this trip is right for you. 


  • This is a small group experience with a maximum of 16 solo travellers.
  • You’re a match for the nominated age group for this trip; travellers 45 years and over.
  • You enjoy the benefits of travelling as a small group, including dining together and sharing the journey. 



  • If travelling in summer or near to the start or end of summer, many parts of India are hot - it's best to dress in light clothing.
  • It's a good idea to pack layers as some areas can be cooler at night (and day), outside of the summer months
  • Days can be hot and sticky and depending on the time of year, nights can get cool. It's a good idea to pack clothing that suits layering, and apply sun protection.


  • Most of the hotels are a deluxe standard 4 or 5 star
  • There is usually at least one boutique heritage property included

Physical or Personal Challenges

  • You’re a traveller that knows to see the highlights some longer days of road travel are a part of the discovery.
  • There may be times when you may feel confronted by poverty and homelessness.
  • There are some early mornings starts
  • There are some longer days of travel by road
  • It’s a good idea to carry some toilet paper with you, not all places will have toilet paper. 

Local Food & Drinks

  • Food is spicy
  • Western food options are mostly limited to breakfast
  • For water, you must only drink bottled water and only bottled water from reliable sources.


  • You are in favour of our policy that we do not support activities that involve animals for tourist entertainment. 


  • You enjoy learning new things such as the history and culture of another country.
  • You can let go of some of your western ways and let things happen as they do in India.
  • When visiting temples, it's important to respect the local custom. Arms and knees should be covered. A light scarf is a good idea for covering shoulders and arms when it’s hot.