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Tipping service personnel in the tourist industry is customary in Greece.  Wages are low and tips form part of the income for tour guides and drivers.
When you join our tour we ask that you respect the custom of tipping your tour director and driver, and local guides. Please allow for this in your holiday budget.


Tour Manager: EURO 3-4 per person per day

Driver: EURO 1-2 per person per day

Local guide:  EURO 1-2 per half day of sightseeing


Hotels:  Tipping porters and room attendants is customary

Taxis:  Rounding up the fare or leave a tip 5-10% of the fare

Restaurant: 5 – 10% of the bill. Some restaurants may add a service fee to the bill – you can ask if you are not sure.

Tipping in cash is the standard, and not on a credit card.