13 Easy Solo Travel Tips

13 Easy Solo Travel Tips
13 Easy Solo Travel Tips

Starting out with solo travel? Nothing like some easy travel tips to take with you.

Tips for planning, and tips for touring – if they are easy, you’ll remember them, and hopefully act on them too. Direct from the crew at Encounter Travel - we’ve got our one-liner tips for an easy read.

I’m keen on travel tips, so much so that I wrote an entire book with them, How To Travel Solo But Not Alone.  Tried and tested, I try to follow my own advice. Learning from my past packing fails, there’s one thing I always do now - I use our packing checklist – I practice what I preach. Feel free to download and use it too.

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Justine, Founder & Director
Travel Tip: Smile

It’s cliched but it’s true. Bring a smile along every day – share it with everyone. A smile is contagious. And when you smile from the outside, it can move all the way through you – setting yourself up for the best day possible.  When you need assistance or have a grievance, a smile will also help.

Emma, Travel Consultant, Team Leader
Travel Tip:  learn a few words (or basic phrases) in the language of the country you are visiting.

One of my favourites.  I spent a year living in Guatemala, travelling, enjoying myself a lot, and learning Spanish. A big buzz ever when travelling is communicating with someone, in a new language, even if it’s just to make a quick connection with just the basics. 

Cathy, Travel Consultant
Travel Tip: Always purchase Travel Insurance

Travel can command big outlays of money and to lose all that because you don’t have insurance is hard to stomach. Not to mention having the cover for medical emergencies, loss of personal items and more.  If your travel plans are confirmed, take out insurance right away – you’ll have cover for all your expenses, even before your travel dates in case you can’t make it (given it’s a reason covered by insurance).

Sachiko, Travel Consultant
Travel Tip: Pack light and bring clothes that can be layered for all seasons

Tours usually have luggage weight restrictions and can also have restrictions on luggage dimensions. Plus, there are airline weight restrictions that apply. You have to pack with the lowest weight restriction for your travels, which could be the limits from the touring company.

It’s a common theme among travellers – you get home to find that there’s that untouched section of your luggage that you never wore. We all pick our favourites first, don’t we?

Annette, Travel consultant
Travel Tip: have a copy of your passport with you and/or leave with a friend/family member.

I have four ‘go-to’ places for a copy of my passport. My laptop, my main suitcase has a copy of my passport, my phone with the image saved as a favourite in my gallery, and my mum has it too. My digital copy on my laptop is stored in the cloud on my dropbox account so I can retrieve it from any laptop with wi-fi. 

Chantal, Product Manager – Tours

Travel Tip: Always leave a copy of your itinerary and hotel list of where you’re staying with a family member or friend.

Even more important as a solo traveller. Your family and friends need to know how to reach you in case there’s an emergency back home. Sure, they can call your travel company but if it’s outside office hours they won’t reach them. Plus,  if they don’t know who your travel company is, it’s going to be tough.

Rowena, Groups Administrator
Travel Tip: Pack all your travel essentials in your carry on and save important documents.

Not all bags reach their final destination with you!  Of course, it’s not common but I’ve had this happen on 3 trips. If you’re touring, and arrive to your starting point there’s a good chance you are setting off on tour the next day and even if your bag does the next day, you could be gone.  Having a change of underwear and a top also is a good back up if your luggage is delayed.

Elaine, Groups Coordinator
Travel Tip: Don't let the smallest hiccup ruin your holiday 

Travel is an adventure. Touring won’t always go to plan, and most of the time it’s not the end of the world, or your day. We’re all human and sometimes hiccups or challenges can get the best of us, but if you set out with the attitude that you won’t let hiccups ruin your holiday then there’s a better chance they won’t.

Liza, Travel Support Team
Travel Tip:  I always like to see a sunrise & a sunset of the city I am in.

This is a lovely inspirational tip. So often tips are practical advice. This one is about taking in the moment. Nothing like a sunrise or sunset and some quiet time to enjoy your special surrounds.

Sydney Harbour Sunrise Over Opera House

Pauline, Travel Support Team
Travel Tip:  Make a list of everything you think you must take, then take away about half of the cloth items away before you pack!

I always follow this one.  Layout out all your clothes, then see what mixes and matches.  I’ve got a rule. If a top doesn’t go with at least 2 pair of pants or skirts, it’s dropped.  Or if a pair of pants doesn’t go with at least 2 tops, then they are dropped – I aim for pants to match 3 tops.

Maeleen, Travel Administrator, Travel Team
Travel Tip: Keep the address of the hotel you're staying at when you leave your hotel

I learnt from experience in my early days.  I don’t forget this one. It’s so simple. These days I just take a snap with my phone camera of the hotel card, and I’ll have it with me all the time, so long as I don’t lose my phone.

Beatrice, Administrator
Travel Tip: Ensure enough time in a place to see the sights and get a little lost.

This is fabulous advice. And, also great to have in mind when you’re deciding about a tour and the itinerary.  We like to have a less is more approach with our tours. Most of our trips have a pace that includes time to yourself so you can make your own discoveries. When you’re choosing your tour, read each day of the tour itinerary. And look for advice about the tour pace.  If you’re not sure, ask.



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Justine Waddington is the founder and director of Encounter Travel, a company that creates holiday groups exclusively for solo travellers. As a solo traveller with 60 countries under her belt and 15 years of arranging travel groups, Justine is in the unique position of being able to offer tips and advice from the perspective of an experienced solo traveller and also that of a travel agent.

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