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Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Tasmania
Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, Tasmania

Ever planned your travels around your appetite? For any ‘foodies’ what you eat plays a big part in enjoying your travels and the memories you take home with you. Has the dining offer on a tour swayed you to joining or not?  Just because you’re not on a food tour, you can still enjoy good food and be introduced to the local flavours and produce. And I always think it’s important there’s time to make your own local discoveries, whether it’s planning in advance for somewhere you’d like to dine or stumbling across some amazing local spot.


A sweet seeker or deliciously savoury? Or, it doesn’t matter, so long as no food tasting is wasted, and it’s all delicious. For any true foodie, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeking out, finding, and eating delicious local food when you travel. Whether it’s cheap and cheerful or the ultimate fine dining experience, your end game is not to miss an opportunity when it comes food when you travel. For you food and travel go hand in hand. You don’t need to book a food tour to find these local spots; many tours include local gems on their itineraries.                                     
I love to showcase delicious and local food with each touring itinerary I create.  Our  ‘berry’ delicious visit to  Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe combines everything I love about a local foodie experience; family run, supporting the local community, ‘berrylicious’ and one of a kind.

It’s a menu with raspberry highlights. Why not try the Raspberry Latte, with raspberry syrup and topped with raspberry ‘Lust Dust’ or the Raspberry Affogato Vanilla ice-cream also with the Raspberry Lust.

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Have you ever visited somewhere and been blown away by a new flavour sensation? Or, maybe something you’ve never tried before, and never want to again. Both long lasting travel memories - it’s all a part of why foodies love to travel.

All around the world, each region, each country has its unique dishes.  Ever tried the stinky Durian, a south east Asian fruit, revered by many for its unique pungent flavour but for first timers, hard to get past the odour to even desire trying? From the Borscht of Russia; a beetroot and beef soup, guinea pig in Peru or a Moroccan tangine of pigeon. There are so many unique experiences, and country by country we could make a long list. Maybe China tops the leader board for most ‘exotic’ food experiences; chicken testicles, sheep penis, or deep friend scorpions to name a few.  

Native Australian foods
Image: fruits and seeds food eaten by the indigenous Australian people from the rainforests of Queensland, Australia.

In Australia, bush tucker is one of our claims to unique food experiences.  Joining our Fraser Walk offers the chance to eat meals created from locally sourced produce and infused with an array of native bush tucker ingredients. At Kingfisher Bay Resort the chef draws inspiration from the island’s traditional owners, the Butchulla people. Some ingredients include the refreshing citrus of lemon aspen, and to the sweet 'peach-like' flavour of the quandong. And, if you’re keen to find out more, take their Bushtucker Talk & Taste experience.

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Nothing beats ending a day of exploring the great outdoors than the mesmerising flames of a campfire, drink in hand and a belly full of hearty camping food.  Planning a trip that gets you out and about in wide open spaces?  You won’t be left wanting from choice with so much on offer across Australia.  From beach spots, mountain hikes or outback touring, take your pick.

Kakadu with Encounter Travel
We love serving up tasty campfire treats and there’s nothing more iconic than an adventure in Kakadu National Park. For anyone that also likes creature comforts in the great outdoors it’s amazing to sit back and relax and enjoy the indulgence of experienced crew serving up a delicious camp meal.  Nothing short of impressive, enjoy 2 and 3 course meals, usually a classic outback style meal such as grilled barramundi or camp‑oven roast. Sit back, relax, all the cooking and cleaning is taken care of for you.

Join Us to Taste for Yourself:  Kakadu Walking Adventure Solo Travel Tour
We choose Australian Walking Holidays (of World Expeditions) to operate for our private group solos only group to Kakadu for us.


Whatever your travel taste, does pizza anywhere in the world feature in your travels?  We find pizza across Australia and so many countries across the globe. It’s that reliable ‘go-to’ meal when you need something easy, tasty, and it's kind on the budget. And if you love pizza then our food tour on our Italian Splendour solos tour is a real treat; it’s cooking and entertainment rolled out as one event.

Pizza at Castaway Resort Norfolk Island

Image: pizza from the wood-fired oven at Castaway Norfolk

We love our pizza night on Norfolk Island. This is the islands best (and only) pizza venue, located at Castaway Resort. But seriously, just because it’s the only restaurant serving pizza it still deserves the title of delicious pizza.  A family run hotel with a restaurant and bar, this spot is not only a top find for visitors but super popular with locals. When it’s pizza night, don’t chance your luck – book ahead. Pizza night is just two times a week and pizzas sell out before the doors open! In cooler months enjoy the fireplace setting in the restaurant/bar or for warmer evenings enjoy the deck with a view overlooking the valley.

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Do you seek those outdoor dining experiences when you travel?  Whether in the wide-open spaces of outback Australia, rooftop dining (anywhere in the world), or sipping cocktails with the horizon in view, dining with an outlook is high on the list when it comes to creating those travel memories etched in our minds forever.

We love seeking out these experiences and you’ll find many of our trips include an ‘under the stars’ dining experience. When you join our Red Centre Discovery watch the sun set at Uluru while enjoying wine and canapes. After sunset, it’s a highlight dinner under the stars; sparkling wine on arrival, then an award-winning Australian barbecue dinner and of course time for stargazing the incredibly Milky Way. Under the stars on tropical islands are hard to beat, not to mention the sunsets that go with them. Our Whitsundays getaway to Daydream Island will have you enjoying sunsets and stars.         

Join Us to Taste for Yourself:  Red Centre Discovery Solo Travel Tour or Daydream Island Escape


Of course, choosing to dine at a restaurant or even getting take out, someone else is cooking. But what about those experiences where you can leave behind even having to think about where you will eat, which restaurant and what, and better still feel right at home, but someone else is cooking?

Bay of Fires with Encounter Travel
Join a fully supported walking trip, and you can stay clear of having to make meal choices – not even having to think about what you will eat and where.  A fully supported walking trips includes professional guides who not only excel at guiding you through the days of walking but also they bring culinary skills to delight you with a home cooked meal after a day of exploring.

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Who doesn’t love seeking out a local treat? I love discovering them, tasting, and bringing home a momento from a trip. Supporting local industry is also a great way to directly give back to the community when you travel.  In Australia enjoy tasting the local wines, craft beers and visiting distilleries, to food delights like local olive oils, vinegars, cheeses, ice creams, and honey to name just a few.

Island Beehive Kangaroo Island
Image: Island Beehive

Kangaroo Island in Australia’s south is home to the Ligurian honey bee. It’s amazing what you find out when you travel and for me it was that the Ligurian bees on Kangaroo Island are the last remaining pure population anywhere in the world.  I’m a honey fan and love it, and I have to say that the honey I brought home with me was the most amazing I’ve ever tasted. You can stop at Island Beehive, and buy a honey treat from their store or try some food from their café, like the Honeycomb Latte

Join Us to Taste for Yourself:  Kangaroo Island Walk Solo Travel Tour

Even if you’re not a self proclaimed foodie, a tasty local experience can be long lasting in your travel memories.  And, just because you travel solo, don’t fear dining alone, there’s so many ways around it. Check out my blog Overcoming the Fear of Dining Alone.

For food lovers, I always recommended you enquire about the standard of meals included on a tour, or otherwise if you have some free time to make your own local discoveries. There’s one thing for sure, when it comes to food on a tour you could end up being hugely delighted or sorely disappointed. Do your research - it’s all about finding a tour that matches your travel tastes

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