This is hands down, a standout memory for our solo travellers that just came back from their African Safari.  

How often does a tour guide capture your treasured travel memories with poem about your journey? 

Chantel, our specialist African Safari guide has led a good number of our groups, but we never knew that she had hidden talents for writing poems. She was happy for us to share it too. I love how it shows not only her passion for her beloved Africa but also for her clients, as they roamed far and wide across South East Africa.

Here is one fine example of how a tour guide goes above and beyond – we know her words will travel far and wide – hope you enjoy them too. 

A journey of giraffe! 
Aussies on a journey came, from far away Africa to tame. In Cape Town wine, spectacular views tasty food to lift our mood. 

History we learned in the city of gold. Never to repeat the mistakes of old.

Botswana welcomed us with our first wildlife. Trumpeting elephant to give us a fright as we arrived well into the night.

Early rising and hot dusty roads we bumped along but oh, did we see loads. Leopards, lions, impalas galore but we stayed out late so we could see more.

The dazzling zebra what a sight and the sound of warthog such a delight. 

Hippos shared our breakfast table and tall giraffes stretched to the heights a contented sigh all were able.

A soaring flight across delta waters while 3 bumped back to Maun and nearly lost their quarters. 

Mokorro gliding through the lily pads we tracked the land with some local lads.
Namushasha brought a nice surprise after some expected the long ride would be their demise!

A fine received in Katima mulilo. A lesson learned, an error never to redo. 
Bobby pin heist in pick and pay after legal tender was waved away.

Leopard number four how can we ask for more, an exhibitionist baboon made us laugh and oh so many giraffe.

A Chobe game drive and boat cruise showed us elephants and buffalos all free and not away in zoos.

To mosi o tunya we finally made it. The smoke that thunders took our breath away...oh how we wish that we could stay.

Many friends you made along the way.
David in Cape Town by the sea, Nelson to show you the way we became free.
Onks our guide in the Bush and Brighton for the final push. 

I was with you from the start and even though we must now part. In my mind you'll always be the lovely Aussies that shared your holiday with me.
19 days on the road. Memories to keep till you are old. 

Solo Traveller Group African Safari Encounter Travel August 2017

So back down under you all must go! Africa never forgotten. That I surely know. 

Poem by Chantel van der Linde
Tour Guide, Africa

And for their guide Chantel, these are just some of the feelings her travellers had for her: 

“When considering knowledge, organisational skills, friendship and support etc, Excellent is Not a high enough rating for Chantal.” 

“Chantal was more than excellent, she was outstanding...She contributed a lot to the overall enjoyment of the tour.” 

“Top class. Well organised. Great knowledge to pass on. Enthusiastic and passionate about the country and safari. Excellent people skills.” 


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