USA - Hawaii

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

The Aloha State is one of the go-to places in the United States for visitors who simply want to have fun under the sun. Widely known for its natural beauty and interesting culture, Hawaii is indeed a feel-good place for single travellers. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s practically summer all year round in these islands.

Whether its makai (towards the sea) or mauka (towards the mountains) you’d rather say, there’s a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy in this sunny state—from shark diving in Oahu and humpback whale watching in Maui to helicopter touring over the Big island and simply drinking mai tais by the resort.

After a long day out in the sun, sit back and relax at a traditional Hawaiian feast or luau, and indulge in local dishes like poi (taro root paste), spam musubi, and laulau (a pork and black cod dish).

Location: USA [Hawaii], Polynesia
Size: 28, 311 km2
Capital: Honolulu
Largest Cities: Honolulu, Pearl City, Hilo, Kailua, Waipahu
Climate: The weather in Hawaii doesn’t change drastically throughout the months of the year. That said, rainfall is heaviest during the months of December to March. Meanwhile, June through October bring about the most heat.
Population: Over 1.37 million people

Language: English, Hawaiian

Religion: No religious affiliation, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism

Literacy Rate: 99%

Government Type: Modeled after the USA’s federal government

Head of State: President of the United States / Governor of Hawaii

Land Borders: Bordered only by sea
Currency: US Dollar
Natural Resources: Climate, soil, vegetation, groundwater, and ocean
Main Agriculture: Sugarcane, pineapple, bananas, coffee, papayas, ginger and macadamia nuts; cattle and hogs
Main Industry: Tourism, agriculture
Electricity: 120 V AC, 60 Hz
Time Zone: GMT-10

Country Tel. Code: + 808
Visa/Passport: Under the USA’s Visa Waiver Program, Australian passport holders do not need to acquire visas for visits that are less than 90 days long. However, a valid authorization via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) should be obtained prior to travelling.
Airport: Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is the primary gateway to the State of Hawaii. It is located 5 kilometres away from Oahu’s central business district.
Departure Tax: A departure tax of US$8.40 will be charged.
Getting Around: Since the state is an archipelago, travelling by plane is common. Visitors can choose between scheduled and unscheduled air carriers (also known as an air taxi service). Those wanting to explore Oahu can opt for the public bus. For other locations within Hawaii, rental cars and organized tours are available as well.
Credit Cards: Major credit cards are generally accepted, especially at mainstream shops and services.
Drinking: The legal drinking age is 21.
Shopping: Prices for most goods tend to be more expensive in Hawaii because of the added transportation costs. Local products to buy as souvenirs include soaps and candles, cookies and seasonings, as well as clothing and artwork. These can be found in Mana Hawaii in Waikiki and Na Mea in the Ward Warehouse. Hawaii has a general excise tax of 4.166%, which is usually added to an item’s stated price.
Tipping: Tipping is expected, especially since most of the population work in the service industry.